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    His sister runs track. Tony wants to run track. BR is not all that far from Beaumont. His Father is not well and wanted his kids to go to the same school. He could go to BR and watch both his kids run track on the same day. He could drive over and take in a LSU football game with his daughter, etc., etc.. Wasn't so much a Tony wanted to be close to his sister type thing. I think Tony watched some LSU football last season and saw two very talented true freshman cornerbacks take over those positions and decided to head elsewhere.

    Does that help?
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    I don't know anything about what he told to the LSU staff. If he did I'm not surprised. It's quite normal in today's age of recruiting. I'm sure you're well aware of "in-state" pressure on kids and I'm equally as sure saying Louisiana is particularly well known for such.

    I do know that a few weeks before the UA game an acquaintance of mine who runs a premium Bama site was getting word out of Tony's area (coaches, family, etc.) that his chances of committing to Bama were good.

    I can't recall when those that cover recruiting for the 247Sports site (Bama's) started mentioning him but it was early enough where I started looking skeptically at the "five for five" hype.
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    If you comment was made with your tongue firmly implanted in your cheek...I missed it. Mea culpa.
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    It is rare my little gump friend that a post is made by moi that isn't laced with smartassedness. Like I said, lighten up. I got 99 problems but a terrible decision by a lying 2 faced Texas kid ain't one.
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    Spoken like someone who is firmly on Saban's knob. That's not how we do business down here.

    I'd be will to lay down any money that Miles has never told a recruit to purposely lie to another school. I'd also be willing to lay down any money that Saban has.
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    While I dont agree with how Brown or others may have lead LSU on. Recruiting is a very dirty game. All the people slamming Brown and others would be quick to kiss their ass agian if they suddenly committed to LSU. On the other hand LSU has accepted to commitment of kids only to ask them to gray shirt or drop them for a higher prized kid. Its dirty on both sides but its the game.
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    Bullshit. Look how LSU handled Hootie Jones if you think they like playing games.
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    I never said they like playing games. However you cant deny the fact that LSU has lead a few kids on by accepting their commitment and then asking them to gray shirt because bigger fish are expected. Its dirty from both sides. Thats all Im saying.
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    There's a huge different between asking a kid lie to another school while being recruited and asking a kid to grey shirt who might have access to TOPS or other academic scholarships to make room for other players.
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    A lie is a lie. The school is still misleading the kid. Im not the biggest Miles fan but Im not at all trying to bash him here. I think he is a genuine guy. I think he handles thing in a classy manner. Say what you want but those aspects of recruiting are ugly. I dont at all believe Miles would stopp to things that Saban or Meyer would. Im just saying recruiting can be ugly, by both the kids and the school. Im not going to keep clogging this thread with off topic conversation. I give you the last word.

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