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2014 WR Speedy Noil Commits to Texas A&M

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. cajdav1

    cajdav1 Soldiers are real hero's

    Hope so!
  2. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member

    Seems to be more than usual amount of rumors going around about all the LSU and other teams guys today. And now it seems like all the rumors are getting somewhat debunked and calmed down some. I am sure with 2 more days ahead it will spike again.
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  3. LSUDad

    LSUDad Senior Member

    Man I just love this time of the year.
  4. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    Everyone just remain calm and bhelmLSU......
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  5. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    Well you know the drill and how this works.

    It ALWAYS gets like this. That's what makes it both fun and frustrating all at the same time.
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  6. rachellsu01

    rachellsu01 Looking for my candyman

    Noil to A&M is picking up more steam, a few have flipped from LSU to A&M today on 247 crystal ball
  7. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    Yep, three people jumped on the Taylor Hamm (A&M Insider) vote switch yesterday. FSU, Bama and Florida insider/analysts. The Bama guy was a switched vote from LSU. A Tennessee insider and a national recruiting expert voted LSU since Hamm's announcement. So it's not like it's been an avalanche.
  8. geauxtigs

    geauxtigs Tigers Forever

    Sounds like some are buying in to Speedy's trolling. I'm trusting bhelm on this one.
  9. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member

    To clarify, I have no idea what he is going to do on Thursday but I don't see how he doesn't enroll at LSU. He has an entire family all for LSU right now, Frank Wilson on staff, he is a homebody, best friends on the team and in this class, etc…
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  10. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    Yep all signs point to LSU.

    But in the end it STILL comes down to (for an elite player like Noil) where you think you are best served to try to get to the NFL at the highest possible draft position. If he feels it's Sumlin's high powered go go go offense, then that is going to be the overriding reason he chose A&M. Not that LSU hasn't sent WRs to the NFL, because they have been successful as anyone in the nation over the past dozen years or so at doing just that. And now Cam Cameron appears to have turned LSU into a much more balanced offense (although we're technically still run heavy).

    Something tells me he's looking at A&M as his best shot. That offense under Sumlin is always going to score 40-45 points per game. And it's not like it's halfway across the world. I just hope the overload at WR in last year's A&M class can dissuade him from going there.

    Let's hope for a great showing in the passing game tomorrow with Jennings. Could prove to be a deal maker/breaker for this kid even if he thinks he has his mind made up.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013

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