2015 APB Kirk Merritt

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  1. islstl

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    RB/WR Destrehan, LA

    5'11" 200 lbs

    Just scored an astonishing 138.84 SPARQ Rating (as a comparison, that would have placed him 4th nationally last year among all high school athletes). Top 10 attend a SPARQ National Championship later on this year and shown on ESPNU). Speedy Noil had an off the chart 153.51 due to a 45.3 vertical jump (also ungodly).

    FYI, SPARQ takes into account 4 abilities: speed (40 yard dash), agility (shuttle), power (kneeling ball toss) and jumping (vertical jump).

    4.6 40, 4.1 shuttle (very good) and a 43.0 inch vertical (tied for 1st), 45.8 power ball (off the charts strength)

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  2. ParadiseiNC

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    Cool, thanks for the info, Izzy. I wish this young man well.
  3. mctiger

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    I wish this young man a purple and gold future.
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  4. islstl

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    Ranked 28th in Louisiana currently, but I will go ahead and assume he gets into the top 15, if not top 10 by the end of this recruiting cycle.
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  5. islstl

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    He got a huge bump in 247sports ranking all the way up to 132nd in the nation. That would put him 7th out of all Louisiana players in the 247 rankings.
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  8. mobius481

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    I gotta say, I really want a guy who has a 45 inch vertical.
  9. islstl

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    His receiving skills are more impressive than his running ability. Not a knock on his running ability, but this is a definite all-purpose back who can hurt you and someone Cam can put to great use in an LSU offense. Guys like Ray Rice and LaDainian Tomlinson became great receiving backs under Cam's watch. It's part of his offensive philosophy to have a back who can catch the ball and be versatile.

    Cam has to be champing at the bit to get this kid to LSU.
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    Kid is slippery fast, I hope the staff is working double time on this one. I volunteer to stand guard over him and shoot anything red that approaches to within 500 yards.
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