2015 CB Kevin Toliver II Commits to LSU

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    Kevin Toliver was recognized as the top prospect regardless of class or position at the National IMG 7v7 tourny this past weekend. Bo Scarborough and Ermon Lane came in at #2 and #3 to give a frame of reference. This kid is going to be an outstanding prospect for the Tigers and will be just another in a long line at DBU.
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    great read. My favorite part was the end:

    "both of his parents are from New Orleans. ... Two of his cousins, Terance and Chris Toliver, played at LSU.
    NFL Player Comparison:
    Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals"
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    Don't think that last line is right. Terrence ToLiver is not related to Chris ToLLiver. I assume he is just Terrence's cousin.
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    article from back when he committed in Nov 2012:

    Toliver, who becomes the first of for the 2015 class, aspires to be more than just another LSU commitment.
    "Kevin told Coach Corey Raymond that he wanted to take the leadership role in the 2015 class," Toliver's father said.
    “We are New Orleans natives and even have a bloodline at LSU with Chris Toliver from Rayville, playing there a few years ago. Chris Tolliver is Kevin’s cousin.”

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    Maybe I am wrong but something seems off. I don't believe Terrence Toliver is related to Chris Tolliver but Kevin is related to the one Tolliver with 2 Ls but not the one with one L in his name. One is from LA, the other is from TX, and the 3rd is from Florida. Confusing
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    I was about to say, wasn't Terrence from Tx? Doesn't mean they can't be related but I didn't think TT was from La.
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    Who cares...we're all related to Mike the Tiger anyway !!!! :cool:
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