2015 QB Justin McMillan Commits to LSU

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    LSU finds its quarterback, and he’s not who anybody was expecting
    Brian McLaughlin @BrianMacSDS

    Published June 11, 2014 - 8:00pm

    Justin McMillan is no secret in his home state of Texas. It’s just that he’s been virtually ignored by the rest of the country.

    But LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron doesn’t care about the rest of the country and what it thinks. He went into Cedar Hill (Texas) and plucked McMillan from one of the best prep programs in the country. Last year McMillan threw for about 2,400 yards and 29 touchdowns in a state that doesn’t produce average talent.

    McMillan (6-2/170) is rated a very low three-star prospect, nearly a two-star prospect. Get this: He’s the No. 64 pro-style QB in America, and he’s not even a top 200 prospect in his home state. But LSU feels like he’s one of the best pro-style QBs out there, and on Wednesday he joined the LSU 2015 signing class. His only other offers were from Arkansas State and UNLV.

    LSU wants–or wanted–Torrance Gibson, the athlete/quarterback who has made it clear that Auburn and Tennessee are firmly ahead of third-place LSU for his services. The Tigers didn’t have a clear backup plan, either. Then came Cameron’s offer to McMillan. It came this week during an on-campus camp.

    “Was there anything to think about?” McMillan told 247Sports.com. “They have the best defense. They have the top wide receivers in the nation. LSU is a quarterback paradise.”
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    His teammate..........

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    Guess we don't have to worry about lil nicky stealing this one huh?
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    Saban can't even lock down his own backyard in Alabama, losing both Jameis Winston & Jacob Coker to FSU.

    Now he's relying on an FSU backup transfer Coker, to run his "Field Goal oriented" Offense.
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    I like the McMillan pickup at QB a lot. He knows our QB situation & sounds like he's ready to come to LSU & to go to work. I doubt he'll show up out of shape & whine about playing time. I like his attitude.

    LSU QB future looking very good so far..

    2013 - Jennings
    2014 - Harris
    2015 - McMillan
    2016 - Franks
    2018 - Dinkelmann
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    Thats right, what was I thinking.
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    2-star according to Rivals... Will be interesting to see if that changes simply due to his commitment to LSU (which is what happened to Jordan Jefferson).
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    Kind of like what Leslie did by bringing in Mettenberger (transfer, formerly a backup at Georgia, before off field issues) when Jefferson was QB?
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    Yep, an bama is waiting for a QB that didn't throw a TD pass last year, was 18-36 (50%) with zero TD's and 1 Int. If you saw their Spring game, you can see they are in need of a QB big time. Plus throw in the Lame at OC. I'll take my chances with Cam and what we have at QB.

    Look at the teams replacing QB's just in the SEC, an what some teams are returning in the SEC.
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