2020 Depth Chart after NFL Draft & Attrition

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    No Crying about the attrition as We’re fkn loaded with talent ... Size & Speed

    Given six declarations ... Here goes ... Add impact Freshman I missed:

    QB: Myles Brennan, Peter Parrish, Max Johnson (F), TJ Finley (F)

    RB: Tyrion Davis-Price, Chris Curry or John Emery, On-a-limb and add Zach Evans

    WR1: Ja'Marr Chase, Trey Palmer
    WR2: Terrace Marshall, Devonta Lee
    WR3: Racey McMath, Kayshon Boutte
    WR4: New Position ... lol ... Koy Moore
    Note: Chase and Moore (Rummel Pummel)

    TE: Arik Gilbert (F) or Jamal Pettigrew and Kole Taylor (F)

    LT: Dare Rosenthal, Anthony Bradford (LT or RT), Cam Wire (LT or RT)
    RT: Austin Deculus, Jakori Savage (Can play Dee), Bradford/Wire, Marcus Dumerville(F)
    LG: Ed Ingram (Starter), Donavaughn Campbell (LG or RG)
    RG: Kardell Thomas, Anthony Bradford or Chasen Hines (also C)
    C: Chasen Hines or Charles Turner (good fight in Spring), Xavier Hill (F, Also OG)

    DEE ... * Shelvin is coming back ... Yeah!!!


    Life is sooooooooooooo good**
    NT: Tyler Shelvin* ... Apu Ika ... Joe Evans
    DE: Glen Logan, Travez Moore
    DE: Neil Farrell, Justin Thomas
    **Beasts coming: Guillory & Roy!!!
    Eric Taylor & CamRon Jackson (second)

    Marcel Brooks, Andre Anthony
    Note: Buck is a Stand Up DE ... like K’Lavon
    **Ali Gaye (JUCO Beast ... Next Arden Key?)
    BJ Ojulari (F) ... DEs (Speed Rusher)

    MLB: Damone Clark, Donte Starks, and Antoine Sampah (F)

    Rover: Micah Baskerville, Josh White (F)

    OLB: Ray Thornton, Desmond Little, Phillip Webb (F) —> Impact Player (Boom)

    CB1: Derek Stingley Jr, Jay Ward
    Nickel: Kary Vincent, Raydarious Jones
    CB2: Cordale Flott, Elias Ricks

    **Incoming Depth: Dwight McGlothern (impact) ... Lorando Johnson

    SS: Todd Harris, Eric Monroe ... Impact Player Jordan Toles
    FS: Jacoby Stevens***, Mo Hampton

    LS: Quentin Skinner
    Placekicker: Cade York
    Punter: Zach Von Rodenberg
    Kickoff: Avery Atkins

    This could be workable ... Clean it up tomorrow

    ***Just watched Jacoby Stevens hit (8:30 2nd) on replay ... Delighted he returns ... Make your day and watch the replay ... It rubs the lotion on its skin AND it gets the hose again

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    Don't be shocked to see Ricks beat out Flott, or take over a few games into these.

    DBU alive and well.

    I forgot about the pass rush JUCO. Can step in immediately and have an impact.
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    I would expect to see a lot more 3 safety personnel looks next year. Hampton is great at the single high safety position, which frees up Stevens and Harris to play closer to the line so we’re not starting a bunch of young LBs. I really like Clark for a bust out year this year.
  4. mctiger

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    I was going to post this very thought. Think Ricks has the chance to be special.
  5. CajunlostinCali

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    Gonna be young and hungry next year, but good googie moogie, look the fuck out cause come 2021, we are stacked for another run. Gotta haul some linemen, but we filthy in studs
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  6. RamahRising

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    Dwight McGlothern gonna surprise ... Ricks got some work to do

    Lotsa beasts on campus. Huge pluses were:
    1. Shelvin to anchor middle ... Hallelujah
    2. Jacoby Stevens for Best secondary in CFB
    3. OLB concerns negated by Phillip Web and lotsa 3 safety (3 LB) schemes like tzanghi says

    It’s almost like we nailed the perfect recruiting haul for 2020

    My Top Replacement concerns:
    1. Thorpe Award Grant Delpit replaced by Jordan Toles pushing a healthy Todd Harris
    2. K’Lavon ... 2 waiting and 2 new to fight it out
    3. TE wars with Gilbert & Taylor coming will be fun to watch ... Early $$$ on Pettigrew
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  7. RamahRising

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    They’ll take the SEC in 2020 ...
    Everyone underestimates our OL and it’s hard to replace the middle three esp at center ... That will be the fun battle to watch ... But we’re three deep at every position with too much talent for a Joe Moore Award Winner (Coach Cregg)

    Everyone waiting on Myles to fill Joe’s shoes!
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