25 Things You Never Knew About Seinfeld

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    My favorite episode is The Marine Biologist. The separate stories of the characters (mainly Kramer and George) meshed together for a perfect ending. I could view George's speech in the diner over and over and laugh my behind off every time. "The sea was angry that day my friend..."
    My second favorite is the Soup Nazi episode.
    IMO it was the best sitcom of all time and it isn't even close.
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    "The Dingo. The Dingo ate your baby."

    They are all great. I love the one where Elaine paid $20,000 for Ethel Kennedy's golf clubs when her boss only authorized her to spend $10,000. Then the clubs somehow ended up on a mail truck that Newman had commandeered so he and Kramer could transport pop bottles to Michigan to redeem them at a higher price. Kramer ended up throwing the clubs off the truck.

    Or the one where George is at a children's party his girlfriend's mom is throwing and when George sees a fire in the kitchen he runs out trampling women and children. Later he tells the story to make himself a hero.

    Or all the episodes with George Steinbrenner are classic. I could go on and on
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    Teri Hatcher played Jerry's large breasted girlfriend in the episode where Elaine trips in the steam room and grabs her boobs and Teri broke up with him because she thought Jerry put her up to it. She was also in the last episode where everybody the guys had ever known testified against them in court.
    But Teri Hatcher also starred in Lois and Clark and in Desparate Housewives. In those shows her boobs may have been real, but they certainly were't spectacular to paraphrase lawyer Jackie Chiles.

    Actor Phil Morris beat out former Love Boat bartender Ted Lange partly because Morris went to the same barber as attorney Johnny Cochran upon whom the part of Jackie Chiles is based. He was able to observe Cochran's mannerisms and that clinched the Seinfeld part for him.

    Seinfeld, Friends and Mad About Your were all on NBC. At one time the bigwigs at NBC wanted to do crossover episodes where the characters from the shows made guest appearances as themselves on the other shows. The producers of Friends and Mad About Your were for the idea but the Seinfeld people were against it. Michael Richards as Kramer did make one appearance on Mad About You when he took over the lease of Paul's old apartment. In the episode when Paul gives Kramer the keys he asks "Whatever happened to that guy Jerry across the hall? He was always trying to make it as a comedian."

    But the producers of Seinfeld continued to resist the idea and NBC told them they had to do it anyway. NBC dropped the idea when the Seinfeld writers wrote the episode where Ross from Friends is on the show. In the episode Ross somehow gets killed. I wish they had done it. I would enjoy seeing that whiney Ross get killed.
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