26-18 Geaux VOLS!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by bigbadjohn98, Sep 30, 2001.

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    Alright all you LSU ***** cats, Im fixin to blast you cajuns SOBs (with the exception of Rohan Davey who is a true warrior and good overall person.) Let me ask you a question: Why do you think all of the UT players hurt in this game went out with leg injuries. Because your players were playing dirty thats why. They were diving at UT players legs in an effort to hurt them cause yall know hurting us would be the only way to beat us. Not to mention even though you did get many players hurt, we still beat you! Hahaha. I used to respect your program a great deal and I really respected Saban. But not now I know for a fact he had LSU players out there with the intention of hurting Vols players. Looks like lsu is still looking for that high profile road victory, you'll never get it in Neyland. The most pathetic part of this game (for yall) was that we threw to the same reciever every time (Kelley Washington), with the exception of a 7 yard pass to Bobby Graham and about a 40 yard deep ball to leonard scott. The Iceman (casey clausen) was too good for yall even though you had his little wannabe brother to try and act like him. It looks like that burning question still goes on LS who? 26-18! "Ole Rockytop you'll always be home sweet home to me, Good ole Rockytop OOOOOOOO! Rockytop Tennessee!" Maybe we'll see you again in Atlanta, till then bye bye Tigers, nice try today, but we are just a better football team face it!
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    TN LSU game

    Normally, I don't venture onto someone else's message boards but just wanted to make a couple of comments. I for one, had to say IMO LSU brought tremendous fan support and inspired play to this game. After the game, the LSU fans were very sportsmanlike and even though understandably disappointed, these were very classy fans. I believe an effort like the Tigers made against Tennessee, and also playing in Tiger stadium against Florida, might just help them knock off the Gators.

    Go LSU and beat Florida!

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