2nd biggest mistake of the game...

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Trolyce, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Since Miles has stated Crowton called the last series except for the final play, this little stretch on the last drive was nearly as stupid as the clock management at the end of the game. I'm doing the clock from memory so don't nit-pic the seconds...

    Immediately after the 14 yard, 3rd down conversion to the UT34, with about 1:35 or so on the clock, next play is a short pass for 0 yards, but we get out of bounds, fine. Next play, rush up the middle for no gain, have to use a time out....clock at 1:25. 1st play out of the time out, incomplete pass, then a delay of game penalty, then we use another time out. The last timeout should have been saved. To call one out of a penalty is ridiculous, wonder who made that call?

    And then, with about :45 seconds and NO time outs left, we run from the 10. I know it was only a few yards to the first down, but that swing pass Lee had thrown all game would have made sense, giving an opportunity to get out of bounds and stop the clock.

    Just poor play calling in that situation in my opinion.

    Also, a good point in the Chattanooga paper yesterday, UT could not stop LSU when we ran to the left side, Crowton continually ran to the right. He either is too stupid not to pick up on that or too stubborn.
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    It's bad play calling, coaching and time management -- been like that for years. The only surprise is the players fought our coaches and somehow the players keep on winning.

    LSU players are better then the other team + their coaches + Miles + Crowton

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