Military 2nd Cold War?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by LaSalleAve, Aug 8, 2014.

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    This is really no big deal. The author is stretching to make a story out of this. I mean, the caption on the photo talks about Russian bombers but the photo is of a B-52! We test the Russian air defenses regularly and they do too, this has been going on since WWII. Those Bear bombers are obsolete and they aren't carrying weapons. They have a very long range and they are carrying electronic intelligence equipment. Russia is on higher alert since the Crimea/Ukraine situation because they know we are pissed and they are wary of US capabilities and intentions. Our own surveillance has been stepped up too.
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    So you don't think they are trying to bait the United States into something?
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    Barry wouldn't do it anyway
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    The Bears flybys are evidence that the cold war is still on in Putin's eyes. It is just another facet in soviet/KGB style psych-ops trying to up our tension. I expect Red is correct there are no weapons and no intentions other than intelligence and the above. However his hostility to the west and the US in particular is very real and something that needs to be countered.
    Putin is leading Russia down a path that will be disastrous in the long run.
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    No amigo, they are trying to stay relevant. They are no longer a Superpower but they don't wan't it to be obvious. They want us to take them as seriously as we did in the Cold War.

    Do what? Something stupid? I totally agree. Barry is prudent and sensible.
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    So it's all Peacocking?
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    Mostly. They may be trying out some new systems or testing our responses, as well. But if the Russians ever want to go to war it won't be leading with 1950-era propeller bombers. There are only about 50 of them operational. Like our B-52's, they are mostly now cruise missile platforms and they won't have to get anywhere close to our air defenses to launch them. The Russians fear and loath our aircraft carriers and most of the Bears are equipped to locate carrier task forces and launch missiles against them.

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