A few thoughts from the game, longwinded

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cajdav1, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Just watched the replay of the game that the TIVO messed up a little for some reason. Thought JR looked very good myself with a couple of bad throws, not to shabby. He made 3 throws that very few other QB's could even attempt and completed them. Threw one ball to LaFell that was low and outside, threw behind 2/3 receivers but the balls were catchable at least. He appeared to lock onto a couple of receivers on longer developing plays a couple of times but actually looked off his receiver on several of them. On the quick slants he looked right to his primary, but I kind of like that because I didn't want him throwing into trouble.

    The thing I was most impressed with though were his audibles, it looked as if he was in control of the offense, changing to deep routes when needed and then throwing quick outs and slants when warranted. If he continues this progression he'll have a bang up season, but the defense will get much better and more sophisticated than what he faced last night.

    Thought Flynn played well but was disappointed when he ran twice with wide open receivers in front of him and thought the pass into double coverage in the endzone was a bad decision. But the rest of his plays were pretty good and he ran the offense very well, also audibling into 3 postive plays. I feel great about what the QB's can do this season and that if JR struggles Matt can come in and turn things around. Flynn's footspeed looked a little better than last year, he must have worked very hard to increase what was already good speed. His arm weariness didn't appear to be an issue last night, the coaches must have done a good job easing him off in practice, catching it before the soreness had a lasting effect.

    Wish RP could have gotten into the game a minute earlier so he could have lead a TD drive on his first series.

    Thought the oline was bad in run blocking in the first half no matter how many USL put in the box. Vincent didn't run well but it's hard to run with authority when you have to make 2 moves in the backfield to avoid defenders. The line did much better at this in the second half even though USL still kept putting 8 in the box many times, they just seemed more determined and got off the ball much better.

    While JV did have somewhat of an excuse because of the poor blocking, there were a few plays where he had some running room and didn't explode through them and could have gained positive yardage instead of being tackled for no gain. He looked very quick when he caught that pass, so I don't think he physically can't do it(run with authority), but he has to show he can run like that on running plays.

    Charles Scott ran real hard and looked quicker than I thought, quicker than he did on his high school film. He has a bright future if he can continue to run like he did last night.

    AB ran hard, was his usual jovial self, was incredibly happy after that first run, and I think he'll make it all the way back soon. And will be our number one guy, with us having the ability to bring in several different backs with many different attributes. But also with incredible talent.

    Was kind of disappointed in the dline a few times, thought they didn't control the gaps enough and gave a little too much running room, but there weren't any huge brakdowns in the running game, the young LB's made plays and were caught out of position and the DB's dominant, as they should have been. Chase Pittman was everywhere though, he's going to make a huge mark on thisd team I think.
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    Re: Afew thoughts from the game, longwinded


    Thanks for being long winded. I didn't see it and your long detailed analysis was a pleasure to read. It sounds like a typical first game of the season, with a lot of kids who were not starters, having to get their feet wet. I'm sure the coaches will be able to point out the problems and areas these kids have to improve, as the competition gets better every week. Az will be better than ULL, and Auburn will be better than Zona. I think we have a good schedule, not having to play two real toughies in a row, although the meat of the schedule is on the road. But its probably harder to get "UP" two weeks in a row for a really big game, than beat a good team on the road.
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    Re: Afew thoughts from the game, longwinded

    Russell still needs to work on locking onto his prime receiver, but he has made a lot of progress. I'd like to see him work the pump fake into his game.

    I think Miles was less interested in scoring again than he was in getting more game reps for his youngsters, not just the quarterbacks. The final drive especially, the one that ended on the five, could have been a scoring drive if they had wanted it, but they took the time outs to get in more plays for the freshmen.

    Every year the O-line (and the D-line, too) seems to take a few games to get their feet under them. I have no idea why this is true, but we've seen it before.

    I'm surprise that Robinson did not get into the game before Wiliams, having played all August and getting some good reviews by observers.
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    Re: Afew thoughts from the game, longwinded

    It was hard to get a real good feel on performance, as to put it bluntly the talent gap is so wide b/w the two.

    One thing that does translate, though, is JR's timing, arm strength and precison, all of which I thought was outstanding.

    Sure, he had a few that were off the mark, but they were thisclose off the mark, not wide by a mile off. I thought this was one of, if not the, best games he's played at LSU. The arm strength never fails to impress, the decison-making was sound, and his ability to throw with such strength and accuracy on the run (the first TD pass was a thing of beauty) is going to make him a millionaire sooner rather than later.

    I also loved how reliable the WRs were last night. Everything they should have caught they did, including Mr. Bowe.

    Keep this level of play this high and LSU's gonna f_k some people up this fall.:helmet:
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    Re: Afew thoughts from the game, longwinded

    Agree with all your points . Coach's will work on the punt return game i am sure.

    Wonder if Keiland Williams or one of the other running backs could handle it. Possibly Jared Mitchell . Anybody know if they have experience at it in high school?
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    Re: Afew thoughts from the game, longwinded

    I'm curious who you heard good reviews of Robinson from. No one I know has been impressed by him, and the coaches obviously have not. We took away our option to redshirt 2 freshmen RBs tonight by playing them & in effect told Robinson he had no chance of getting any PT. I've heard the coaches want to move him to LB but that he threatened to quit the team if they moved him. He may have a change of heart after seeing how low on the depth chart he really is.

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