A few thoughts on the 4th of July

Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by Winston1, Jul 4, 2014.

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    Best wishes to all on this 4th of July. In addition to the fun, family, fireworks and barbeque lets reflect on what made this day so special and one to remember.
    The words of the declaration are nice and important as they speak of an ideal worth striving for. Yet mere words were and are not enough. We need to remember the will of those men and the so many who have followed to make them bear fruit. The framers and signers of the declaration (our founding fathers) were not all ...of one view on many if not most of the issues. They came from different backgrounds and had different priorities. Yet they realized they needed to find a way to work together and gain the greater goal framed in the declaration followed by the constitution. It wasn't easy and didn't come without struggle. In some ways the British were the lessor of the problems.
    Once they achieved independence it took years to build the country and society where the smaller difference could co exist and find a common path that allows for unity. A scant 80 years later the Civil War showed we weren't finished yet.
    I think the positions taken by the radicals on both sides show the danger of letting moral outrage block communication and development. There is no doubt that in the 1840's certain southern leaders fearing the end of slavery became immobile and actually raised demands that put too much pressure on the body politic. To a certain extent the equal but opposite determination by abolitionists to end slavery without regard to the effect on southern society exacerbated the issue. They between them over powered the middle that was trying to work a path to end slavery in a way that preserved the union.
    Today the radicals left and right have taken similar absolutist positions. They view the other side not only as wrong but as morally corrupt and bankrupt.
    THIS HAS TO END!!!! We can disagree without making such extreme moral judgments. I disagree with my sister about 99% of the time but believe she has the best of hearts and intentions. I hope she believes the same of me. If we believe that the other side is corrupt and immoral there is no path to solving the issues short of total victory and that won't happen.
    From today in honor of the founders of our great nation I am going to try to find a path to working out differences. I won't throw bombs at people or parties or other groups. I will try to make my points with logic and fact. I hope all do the same. BTW this is not a shot at anyone here. There is a difference between sharp disagreement and calumny.
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    i think its overrated. the d.o.i. is an awesome document, but I'm not sure this country would be much different today without the revolution (except for the gun rights thing).
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    It all boils down to this, I'm glad I'm gonna be dead before this country is completely gone, and make no mistake, it's well on its way.... Rome is burning.

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