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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by DC-Tiger, Nov 10, 2002.

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    The following is a post by "Charlie Mac" at TigerBait.com. It is a funny story, so am reposting it here with his permission. Enjoy!


    "After Kentucky kicked the go ahead field goal I headed for the shower as I was completely steamed and pissed...as I left the room I told my 17 year old son that if he came and F#4& with me about the Tigers comming back and winning I would bust his chops....he told me to take a chill pill and I told him he could watch the game somewhere else next week!

    Well to make a long story short, I got the shampoo in my hair when I hear him running through the house yelling "dad turn on the TV we won, we won!" My immediate thought was "you little SOB, your sure have grown a BIG SET at the age of 17 I'm going to kick your %&*."

    He busted in to my bathroom and said "turn on the TV I am not kidding, we won". With that I warned him that he better not be kidding, grabbed for something to start to dry off with and questioned him "did DD run it back?" He said "no" and I asked "how did we score" and he replied you got to see it! By this time my totaly wet butt with shampoo streaming down my face was in front of my 60 inch TV in my bed room stark naked. As he flipped the TV on the JP guys we talking to Saban, my girls walked in to my bedroom (ages 11 and 14) unknown to me. Just as the replay came on I noticed them there and told them to "stay behind daddy I ain't missing this." To which my 14 year old said, "niether am I."

    I have been laughing my butt off since the game! What a great day.....my family will NEVER FORGET TODAY!!!!"

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    Oh man ! That's funny stuff

    I also stayed till the glorious end. I was actually telling myself, "How good would it be to score right now". I was thinking about how the fans and players would react if the rug got pulled from under them. Gotta say though, those Kentucky fans are some real good people. Really enjoyed talking with them through all this. Just like you, Chuck.

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