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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerStagg, Dec 5, 2009.

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    the negativity on this board makes me want to barf. bama was about a fingernail better than us this year. we all saw the breaks they needed to beat us last year and this year in their own house. granted the difference between the squads is all in the head coach, but eff it. les is our guy, love him or hate him, and he is going to be around for a while.

    people have such short memories, i saw saban get annihilated plenty while he was the coach at lsu. dude had less than 3 losses once for us in 5 seasons. he also had a 5 loss season his third year in. now we act like 3 losses is a death sentence. les turned in 3 sub-3 loss years out of 5. i get frustrated as hell with les sometimes. i also remember that i got frustrated as hell at times with little nicky too. for some reason people only remember the wins with that slick little guy.

    if you are miserable and hateful over a should-be 10 win season and a top 10 finish, then you must have been even more miserable during most of saban's tenure here as well & you are a sad, sorry, hopeless, pathetic individual and, judging by what i'm reading on this board, an average tiger fan. rise above the fray of misery and self-doubt. choose happiness and positivity boys. it's a much better way to go through life.

    we're gonna kickoff 2010 by rolling penn state or whoever in this bowl game, finish in the top 10 (again) and we'll be gunning for the heads of little nicky and post-tebow urban come september. jefferson is going to have a great season next year. he's just a pup.

    geaux tigers - ya bunch o knuckleheads.
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  2. stevescookin

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    I was thinking a lot of the same thoughts as you, ya knucklehead:).

    Wait till next year. Florida's going downward at least for a while and especially on defense. It'll be us and Bama next year. :grin:.
  3. LSUpride123

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    Oct 20, 2008
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  4. TexasTigers

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    What really has made me vomit is a few posters to make their Miles point is discrediting LSU's last National Title.
    To say to the men who played the Season that their title "Was luck" makes me want to vomit.

    If you dont like Miles fine, but don't degrade the men of our LSU Tigers by reducing their National Championship.
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    Nov 7, 2009
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    No one is upset over a 10 win season. people are upset when les blows an easy win against ole miss. people are upset about les miles coaching skills not the win/loss ratio. To think that there should be no negativity whatsoever is silly.
  6. roynav

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    Jan 30, 2005
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    Good post OP. I completely agree. The bashing is pitiful.
  7. downtown

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    What is positivity? Ha...
  8. geauxtigs

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    :geaux: It's getting to the point where I don't even want to look/read the threads on The Tiger's Den. Mainly just check out recruiting now. I think Tiger Droppings moved over here en masse.:rolleye33: I have NEVER seen this much negativity and BS on this board since I've been a member. It's pitiful. And I've noticed that many of the older members who used to post regularly aren't seen on the boards much any more and that's sad. Seems many of the posters on here now have been members for about two weeks and only want to bash, whine, bitch and complain about EVERYTHING! I hope things change. SOON! This is sad.:nope: :LSU231:
  9. lsu99

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    I agree with pretty much everything in the original post. I understand some of the negativity but it's been excessive this year. I realize that for some people this is a place to vent and help them cope with a tough loss. Just understand that current players and future recruits read these forums often and overly excessive negativity can affect the future of the program.
  10. sugarlsu

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    I will repeat myself. The way you win Championships is to hang out in the top ten as long as you get and then get lucky. When there are so many great programs, things that are out of your control, and lucky breaks get you into the game.

    We should be happy that we are one of those teams, and that with our fantastic recruiting we can stay there. You dance with who brung ya. How is that change of coaching working out for TN and AU?

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