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    Things look a little slow around here, so I thought I would make an anti-Kerry post in honor of Smax, the King of the Copy and Paste. Nothing personal, just trying to keep everyone entertained on a Friday. :thumb:

    ABC News
    I will stand up and struggle, as others have, to try to get that right balance between violence, and sex, and things. - John Kerry

    ABC News Peter Jennings: You told an Iowa newspaper recently that life begins at conception. What makes you think that?

    Sen. Kerry: My personal belief about what happens in the fertilization process is a human being is first formed and created, and that's when life begins. Something begins to happen. There's a transformation. There's an evolution. Within weeks, you look and see the development of it, but that's not a person yet, and it's certainly not what somebody, in my judgment, ought to have the government of the United States intervening in. - John Kerry

    Jennings: Could you explain again to me what do you mean when you say "life begins at conception"?

    Kerry: Well, that's what the Supreme Court has established is a test of viability as to whether or not you're permitted to terminate a pregnancy, and I support that. That is my test. And I, you know, you have all kinds of different evolutions of life, as we know, and very different beliefs about birth, the process of the development of a fetus. That's the standard that's been established in Roe v. Wade. And I adhere to that standard.

    Jennings: If you believe that life begins at conception, is even a first-trimester abortion not murder?

    Kerry: No, because it's not the form of life that takes personhood in the terms that we have judged it to be in the past. It's the beginning of life. Does life begin? Yes, it begins.
    Is it at the point where I would say that you apply those penalties? The answer is, no, and I believe in choice. I believe in the right to choose, and the government should not involve itself in that choice, beyond where it has in the context of Roe v. Wade.

    Washington Post
    I could run a long list of clear misleading, clear exaggeration. The linkage to Al Qaida, number four. That said, they are really misleading all of America, Tom, in a profound way. The war on terror is less -- it is occasionally military, and it will be, and it will continue to be for a long time. - John Kerry

    Boston Fog Machine
    There is not a right or wrong here. There was a correctness in the president’s judgment about timing. But that does not mean there was an incorrectness in the judgment other people made about timing.
    For you see, Kerry continued, “Again and again and again in the debate, it was made clear that the vote of the U.S. Senate and the House on the authorization of immediate use of force on Jan. 12 was not a vote as to whether or not force should be used. - John Kerry

    It is important to remember that this resolution does not authorize the use of American ground troops in Bosnia, nor does it specifically authorize the use of air or naval power. It simply associates the U.S. Senate with the current policies of this administration and of the Security Council. – John Kerry

    The Washington Post
    And you've got companies like Wal-Mart that are stripping underneath them, that hire part-time people, that have actually advertised to come and work, so they won't do their health care. - John Kerry

    The Washington Post
    "This president always makes decisions late after things have happened that could have been different had the president made a different decision earlier." - John Kerry

    War-Torn Democrats
    "(I)f you have a breach that, by everybody's standard, at least in the United States, those of us in the House and Senate, and the president, join together and make a judgment, this is indeed a material breach, and then others -- some of them can't be persuaded -- if we have evidence, sufficient to show the materiality of the breach, we should be able to do what Adlai Stevenson did on behalf of the administration, Kennedy administration, and sit in front of the Security Council and say, 'Here is the evidence. It's time for all of you to put up. We need to all do this together.' And that's what I think the resolution that was passed suggests." - John Kerry

    New York Times
    "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." - John Kerry

    Rush Limbaugh.com
    No, wait, wait, wait, wait you asked me if I'd met with any leaders. Yes. I have had conversations with leaders, yes, recently. That's not your business, it's mine. I've met with foreign leaders for any (inaudible) purpose - I never said that. What I said was that I have heard from people who are leaders elsewhere in the world who don't appreciate the Bush administration approach and would love to see a change in the leadership of the United States. I'm talking our allies, I'm talking about people who were our friends nine months ago, I'm talking about people who ought to be at our side in Iraq and aren't because this administration has pushed them away in its arrogance, that's what I'm talking about. Are you a registered Republican? Are you a Republican? You answer the question. That's not an answer. Did you vote for George Bush? Did you vote for George Bush? Thank you. - John Kerry

    The Boston Globe
    "This isn't going to be some kind of, you know, we're-like-them-they're-like-us-wishy-washy-mealy-mouth-you-can't-tell-the-difference deal. This is going to be something where we're giving America a real choice." - John Kerry

    TIME Magazine: Interview: John Kerry

    TIME: What would you have done about Iraq had you been the President?

    KERRY: If I had been the President, I might have gone to war but not the way the President did. It might have been only because we had exhausted the remedies of inspections, only because we had to—because it was the only way to enforce the disarmament. ...

    TIME: So, if we don't find WMD, the war wasn't worth the costs? That's a yes?

    KERRY: No, I think you can still—wait, no. You can't—that's not a fair question, and I'll tell you why. You can wind up successful in transforming Iraq and changing the dynamics, and that may make it worth it, but that doesn't mean [transforming Iraq] was the cause [that provided the] legitimacy to go. You have to have that distinction. ...

    TIME: You've criticized the pre-emptive nature of the Bush doctrine.

    KERRY: Let me emphasize: I'll pre-empt where necessary. We are always entitled to do that under the Charter of the U.N., which gives the right of self-defense of a nation. We've always had a doctrine of pre-emption contained in first strike throughout the cold war. So I understand that. It's the extension of it by the Bush Administration to remove a person they don't like that contravenes that.

    New York Post
    "I voted for what I thought was best for the country. Did I expect Howard Dean to go off to the left and say, 'I'm against everything'? Sure. Did I expect George Bush to f - - - it up as badly as he did?" - John Kerry

    New York Post
    "I left some blood on a battlefield that President Bush never left anywhere." - John Kerry

    The Boston Globe
    Those weren't precisely my words, they were the words of a press release sent out. - John Kerry

    If we hadn't voted the way we voted, we would not have been able to have a chance of going to the United Nations and stopping the president, in effect, who already had the votes and who was obviously asking serious questions about whether or not the Congress was going to be there to enforce the effort to create a threat. - John Kerry

    Hugh Hewitt
    Well, ahh, huh, it's interesting to hear that, when they shut the newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq, and, well, let me change the term legitimate --when they shut a newspaper that belongs to a voice, because he has clearly taken on a far more radical tone in recent days, and aligned himself with both Hamas and Hezbollah, which is a sort of terrorist alignment, so it creates its own set of needs in order to deal with the possible future spread of terrorism. But at the same time, if its unaccompanied by a broader set of moves to try and broaden our own base in Iraq, um, I just think it asks for great difficulties. - John Kerry

    Yahoo! News - Civil Rights Group Seeks Kerry Apology
    "President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second." - John Kerry

    Guardian Unlimited
    "I don't own an SUV,'' said Kerry, who supports increasing existing fuel economy standards to 36 miles per gallon by 2015 in order to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil supplies.
    Kerry thought for a second when asked whether his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, had a Suburban at their Ketchum, Idaho, home. Kerry said he owns and drives a Dodge 600 and recently bought a Chrysler 300M. He said his wife owns the Chevrolet SUV.
    "The family has it. I don't have it,'' he said. - John Kerry
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    Anybody seen the latest Jack-in-the-box commercial? Where Jack is talkin to the French guy. And the French guy goes, oui, no? oui, no? which is it?

    That's John Kerry in a nutshell people.
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    not to defend kerry or anything, but the nature of politics really sucks.

    you can so rarely just admit what you think about anything, because to get in power you have to eventually settle on believing whatever the party says. so to rise to power, you have to lie.

    of course it is stupid to have to pretend you do not have an SUV. but idiots care aboiut that crap, so you have to lie about it. or you have to pretend you think abortion is wrong if you are republican. the smartest thing a candidate should do is just go ahead and start his career with all the most electable beliefs, so they dont get caught waffling later on.

    for example, i could never get elected to anything, being basically atheist. i would have to lie about it. there are just certain things you have to lie about. like liking SUVs. of course everyone loves SUVs, but they have to pretend. i figure there have to be plenty of senators who secretly agree with me on religion.

    and maybe it is too much for most people just to lie about everything they believe. but then again ordinary people are not obsessed with power like politicians.

    and it is all such a charade. republicans believing in free market ideas and at the same time taking the pro-religious stance on things, as if those things are mysteriously a package deal. but they have to be if you want to rise to power. and it is better to lie if you are drunk on power, than to be honest.

    of course being a huge bush fan i think he is guilty less than most. and stunningly honest for a man who got as far as president. i think he believes hat he says. he is stupid enough to be religious. for that i give him credit. honesty is important.

    so i think kerry loves his gas guzzling suv. how can he not? and of course thats cool with me. but not with his imbecile constituents. and i bet most every politician is lying about their beliefs to some extent. they have to because to a politician, power is more important than anything.
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    Not to mention that he would not anything as President that would hurt his wife's ketchup empire, especially regarding this outsourcing crap. Stuff like that you just can't avoid in dealing in only symbolism and not outright idealogy.

    Great post martin. You got it just right.

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