"Affluenza" Case

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by islstl, Dec 13, 2013.

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    rich and white

    how else can you explain this.

    10 years probation no jail time 4 people dead.
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    an african-american kid went before her within the past year, was charged with killing someone after punching a man in the face and he fell and hit his head and died, he was sentenced to 10 years in juvenile detention, not affluent

    1 person dead, 10 years locked away
    4 people dead, 10 years of spa treatments
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    In a series of notes taken during the trial by Eric Boyles, an attorney who lost his wife and daughter in the crash, Couch was caught fleeing the scene of the crash on foot. He could be heard at the scene yelling to one of this truck's passengers, "I'm Ethan Couch - I'll get you out of this."
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    "Two people who were riding in the bed of Couch's truck were among the nine injured in the crash. One of them, Sergio Molina, was rendered comatose after the crash and is now paralyzed. His parents are now suing the teen, his parents and their family business - Cleburne Metal Works - for $20 million."

    One has to hope that at the very least this family loses ALL of it's wealth and their business is shut down. I have to believe this kid's family is going to win that civil suit.
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    Anybody ever experience equine therapy?

    I guess riding on a horse on a bed of fresh meadows must be shown to help kids overcome Aflluenza.

    What a tough life this Couch kid has lived through. The utter embarrassment of having wealth beyond your means.

    Hopefully he kicks a horse in the shin and gets put in prison like the judge said would happen with any misstep.
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    This wreck happened about 2 miles from my house. A few observations:

    1. This judge will never get re-elected if she is fortunate enough to finish her current term.
    2. Hopefully the victim's families will own the Couch's company, but not shut it down. There are actual people who make a living there besides the prick owners.
    3. I would look for something from TX Attorney General Greg Abbott. Not sure if he has the authority to step in and modify the sentence, but he is running for governor and this would be a vote bonanza if he can figure out a way to "fix" this situation.
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    A little different scenario. Was talking about something with a relative. We know of several instances in which kids (white but not relevant here, necessarily) were killed by drunk drivers and no charges pressed. Difference being they were friends of and with the drunk driver. Just throwing this out to anyone. Thoughts? How different is it?
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    Same thing happened to my cousin, she was a new mother of 18 months, and was on her way home from college when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light. The driver was the son of a very prominent figure in central Louisiana, and he walked with probation. A kid who is 6 now only knows her mom by pictures.

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