Agent: Nick Saban would only consider leaving Alabama for Texas, under 'special pressure' with Tide

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Cajun Sensation, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Cajun Sensation

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  2. JP4LSU

    JP4LSU Veteran Member

    Sounds like a slimball agent trying to get the highest bid.
    Really? Texas is the only school that he would consider moving too. Just so happens that is the school with a coach on the hot seat and on the verge of retirement anyway. Hillarious.
    He probably had USC on the other line feeding the same kind of crap. It's wierd that USC hasn't been mentioned at all.

    The funny thing is that Texas is in the driver's seat in the Big 12. Sure they haven't played Baylor and have some other tough games like TT. But they are in first right now and they headstone is already being crafted for Mac Brown
  3. Herb

    Herb Veteran Member

    Which means he'll probably wind up as USC's next head coach.
  4. islstl

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    Laid back.

    They don't even realize there's a game going on out in Southern California half the time.
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  5. diamondheadtiger

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    Saban will retire as a red elephant. But that would be the only incentive left to go down as a NC at 3 different Schools. No doubt he would win multiples there too.
  6. shane0911

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    I would put USC at or near the bottom of schools that saban would be interested in. @LSUDad often talks about having the right "fit" well this would be square peg/round hole if I have ever seen it, hell, while the short horns would at least be interesting to him I'm more inclined to believe that isn't a good fit either beings how Mac pampers their (football players) asses all the time. It would be a culture shock of epic proportions for any underclassman that had the "luxury" of playing for both of them.
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  7. Herb

    Herb Veteran Member

    I'm just digging the fact that this story is breaking less than a week before we play them. Distraction and doubt.
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  8. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

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    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

  10. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    This is what I think, too.

    The big news in Texas yesterday was the new UT AD hire. The pieces are falling into place.
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