Alabama vs. LSU Preview

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    This is written by a Bama fan from Alabama's point of view.

    Last time these two teams met many Alabama fans, including myself, felt Alabama got hosed by the officials, especially in the last 5 minutes of the game. LSU(13-4, 3-3) will come into Tuscaloosa losing 3 in a row before getting a win this past Wednesday against Georgia. Bama is somewhat in the same boat dropping their last two at Ole Miss and home against Florida. I think it’s pretty evident that the Tide is missing their top scorer in Earnest Shelton who has been sidelined since the Georgia game with a strained mcl. This game for Bama is a VERY big game. The Tide can’t afford to let LSU come back and tie Bama for 2nd in the West after fighting so hard at the very start of SEC play and getting a good lead. Bama also cannot afford to lose 2 home games or 3 games in a row.

    Starters for LSU

    Point Guard- Xavier Whipple 6-2 170 Jr. 4.5 ppg 3.2apg
    Shooting Guard- Anthony Hudson 6-5 206 Jr. 9.8 ppg
    Small Forward- Regis Kounijga 6-9 215 Fr. 4.5 ppg
    Power Forward- Brandon Bass 6-8 240 Fr. 13 ppg 7.4 rpg
    Center- Jamie Lloreda 6-9 245 Sr. 17.4 ppg 11.8 rpg

    Key Reserves for LSU

    Guard- Darrel Mitchell 5-11 175 So. 10.6 ppg
    Guard- Tack Minor 5-11 185 Fr. 642 ppg
    Forward- Darnell Lazare 6-8 215 Fr. 2.2 ppg

    Starting lineup Bama

    Point Guard- Antoine Pettway 6’0 170 9.5 ppg 3.6 apg
    Shooting Guard- Demetrius Smith 6’2 210 2.2 ppg
    Small Forward- Kennedy Winston 6’6 20515.5 ppg 5.7 rpg
    Power Forward- Chuck Davis 6’7 230 11.5 ppg 6.4 rpg
    Center- Jermareo Davidson 6’10 210 5.7 ppg 4.6 rpg

    Key Reserves Bama

    Guard- Emmett Thomas 6’4 205 8.3 ppg
    Forward- Reggie Rambo 6’7 225
    Center- Evan Brock 6’8 200 3.9 ppg



    Don’t expect Gottfried to make the same mistake twice when playing LSU. I would expect Bama to sink down into a zone this game and not come out of it unless LSU is just on fire from the outside. Bama needs to pack it in and not allow Lloreda or Bass go off in the paint. Bama held them in check for the most part in Baton Rouge. We can’t just give up the 3 point shot so we got to make sure we come out and contest with our long bodies. Next thing on defense is that we have got to REBOUND THE BALL! We can’t allow a bad shooting LSU team get 2nd chance points and give them confidence as the game goes on.

    On offense, Bama needs to keep the hot shooting they had against Florida Wednesday night. If I was coaching a team to play LSU with Bama’s talent I would bang the ball inside and make Lloreda and Bass play defense. Hopefully you can wear them two down a bit and at the same time create a little bit of foul problems for John Brady and LSU. Get the ball to Chuck Davis and let his athleticism draw fouls on Lloreda, making Bass being the only post player for LSU. Next thing on offense is make sure we take care of the basketball. No silly turnovers that lead to easy points for LSU. At the same time as we have to make sure we take care of the ball we have to also make sure we execute on offense. We must cut with a purpose and set good hard screens to get Emmett and Winston open for looks on the outside. I wouldn’t be surprise to see LSU try some zone so we have got to make we get good ball movement and that we knock down the outside shots.

    This game is very important for both Bama and LSU. It could go a long ways as to telling who will get that 2nd place (maybe 1st) in the West and that much needed bye in the SEC tourney. If we want to win we will contain Lloreda/Bass, we will rebound the ball, and we will execute on offense. Also, while the crowd numbers against Florida wasn’t good at all the production of the crowd was awesome and I can assure you played a good part in Bama’s comeback in that game. We need a good and loud crowd against LSU this Saturday. This team needs all the help we can give them and they deserve to play in front of a sellout crowd. Lets be loud Saturday night and send LSU home with a 3-4 SEC record. RTR!!!

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