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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cajdav1, Jul 11, 2004.

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    He's a defensive genius and coached on that side of the ball pretty much his entire career before becoming a HC. He still coaches the DB's thereby spending more time with the defense. He spends much mor timehelping scheme the D than the O. But when asked before last season during all of the talk about Clayton playing DB he said repeatedly that he thinks the big difference makers should be on the offensive side of the ball as they can have a better effect on the outcome of the game.

    That is really amazing for a defensive minded coach like him to have that attitude. There would be many a great defensive coach that would line his defensive up with the 11 most athletic players on the team just about as so many of these guys believe that you have to play a conservative game and win with D.

    And then to top it off we end up with the best defense in the land by far last season, one of the 2 best defenses I've ever seen. a defense that didn't just stop teams but smothered them and beat the snot out of their RB's and QB's. What a great coach we have, in case any of you guys hadn't noticed.
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    Good point.

    Yep. We love our football coach. There is a chance that he will coach at LSU until he retires for good in about 8 years.
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    LSU fans you should happy to have the coach you have. He has elevated to SEC and with that will make everyone play tougher. I remember when Most thought after Spurrier left, UT would become the SEC dominant team. Ummmmm NOPE! The dominance went to UGA and LSU. Boy were some of our fans surprised. I think some thought it would just fall in our laps. Oh well.

    The one thing I remember about Saban was how much I liked how he called out other conferences about not playing a Conf Champ game. Especially during last years conflict on who should play for the MNC.

    Kudos to your coach for not just saying "We are happy to be here" and all that blah blah. He said his opinion. I like it!:thumb:

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