Analysis of Texas game, prospects for final four.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by houtiger, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Our defense was tough. BB pushed Aldridge way out, like I am sure Aldridge was not used to, took him out of his game. Thomas is such a defensive force, can jump higher than you think, and run the court like a demon on defense, you can't ever be comfortable that you'll have an uncontested shot. The knowledge that Thomas is lurking causes inside players to alter their shots.

    One thing that gives me hope for the final four, we shot poorly from outside tonight and we still won. I don't think D. Mitchell will shoot that bad again, hope he got it out of his system. Temple missed a bunch from the outside, hopefully he'll find his shot. Lazare made big shots against Duke, off against Tx. I think there is still upside to this team, they have not put it all together yet.

    If their bio-rythims all coincide at the same time, look out!
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    We've shot poorly from the outside all season, especially in the tournament. 3-17 today, 2-7 against Duke, 2-12 against aTm, and a respectable 5-10 against Iona.

    Hopwfully we are able to shoot closer to 5-10 than 3-17 but we've been able to win all season without shooting the 3 so we should be able to do it for 2 more games. GEAUX TIGERS!
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    We've been winning on defense, rebounding, and the inside game all season. A lot of the commentators don't give us a chance because we don't have an outside game, but defense wins championships. There was a lot made about A&M's defense. Ours was better. There was a lot made about Redick's 3s. We shut him down. There was a lot made about Texas' front court and their rebounding. We shut down Aldridge and beat them on the boards. UCLA has not been that impressive to me. I think we've played better competition in our bracket. I really think we have an excellent chance to get to the final. Nobody has a front court like ours. Our defense is phenomenal. Thomas is healthy again and coming on like gangbusters. The team is gelling. They're hungry. GEAUX TIGERS!:geauxtige :geauxtige :geauxtige :geauxtige :geauxtige :geauxtige :geauxtige LSU! LSU! LSU! LSU! :bball: :bball: :bball: :crystal: :crystal: :crystal: :eek:ldskule: :eek:ldskule: :eek:ldskule: :tigerhead :tigerhead :lsup: :lsup: :lsup:

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