And Exciting yet sad day tomorrow.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Mudvayne, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Four years ago I was an incoming freshmen at LSU and I felt on top of the world. I had LSU tickets for the upcoming season and I was stoked. My dad being a big LSU fan, decided he'd finally break down and get some season tickets. He was dianosed with colon cancer that same year and he figured he might as well enjoy his time while he had it. We shared every drumline warm up, every crushing sack by LSU's dominating defensive line...everything LSU, we went to every bowl game together including the National Championsip which was probably the greatest moment I shared with him.

    But to make a long story short, this past year the cancer had spread and I decided to leave LSU to move back home to help him out and just 5 months ago he passed away. Tomorrow will be the first time I've ever seen the drumline warmup without him, first time we dont get to share a beer together outside the stadium. I know he'll be there in spirit, and I know if he has any pull up there in heaven, we'll have a hell of a good year.

    The great thing about LSU football isnt necessarily the tradition, the game itself, or the great tailgating food, its about the people you spend it with. GEAUX TIGERS!
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    Great post and so true!!!
  3. Crip*TEAM KATT

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    I will drink one for him tommorrow!

    And you are right it is about the people you are able to share the experience with.
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    And to think that some people think this is "just a game".....

    Here's to your Dad....:lsup: :geauxtige :lsup:
  5. LSU Rubi

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    Good luck with your future and may god be with you and your family!!!!

    Oh and also...:geauxtige
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    Mudvayne, that is indeed what these fall weekends are all about. It's the experience of being with friends and family and enjoying something you all truly love with them.

    I've not been able to take my dad to many games in recent years. He's had a couple of strokes and can't take it. Last season we went to every game while he watched at home. I spent most of many of the games talking to him on my cell phone. This year, whether I am in the stadium or at home watching, he will be right beside us!

    I know you'll relive those happy memories you have with your dad and I can tell that he will most definitely be there with you in spirit at the games.

    Thanks for posting this thread.
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    You have me tearing up at my computer. A wonderful friend of my mom's passed away a couple of years ago. Ever since I was four years old she taught me about being a tiger fan. I would go to her house and she would take me ride on her Purple and Gold Golf Cart through the streets near her home in Port Allen and she would tell me stories about all the games she went to and the people she had met.

    Her home was decked out in purple and gold. First thing you see when you walk in is a wall with LSU jerserys that were autographed and newspaper articles framed, LSU paintings etc etc.... She even had a pick up truck custom painted in purple and gold with a tiger on it some years ago.

    She continued going to all LSU sporting events up until she was about 78 years old or so. I think about her every game I go to and hope that I can one day be the 80 year old woman drinking a beer watching my tigers kick some butt!!!

    ok I have babbled enough.

    I am sorry about the loss of your father, but you are right he will be there in spirit and proud to know that your a TIGER FAN!!!! :geauxtige :lsup: :geauxtige :)
  8. TXTigahFan

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    I am about to head out and pick up my brother. Thanks for the post. It is truely about the experience w/people you love.

  9. LSU0596

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    Right on Mudvayne. Its more about the times spent with family than the game itself.
    My wife was diagnosed with AML (Leukemia) Aug 2005. She spent the entire fall up until the week before Christmas in a Hospital. We watched the games on TV in her room. It was the first time since 1992 when we started at LSU that she wasnt able to make a game. She has loved LSU football and everything that goes along with it since arriving on Campus with me in 1992. Were talking about a Colorado girl who really only cared about PRO football and basketball.
    Anyway she is doing GREAT now, and we are heading down next Friday morning with both of our boys (3 & 5 1/2) for a weekend of fun, food, family, friends and LSU Football!! She is so excited, hell I'm so excited for her. I made on game last year; my 5 year old and I came to the Florida game. I't was really hard when the band came down the hill, during the pre-game and walking with the band post game and not having her with me. Those are the things that we have been doing together since 92. I really cant wait to get back next week and continue our rituals.
    So yes I definately understand your thoughts and hope everyone else takes a moment this fall to relish the moments we sometimes take for granted.
  10. sassylsufan2002

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    Oct 15, 2005
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    mudvayne, I know exactly how you feel. Many of you know I lost my neice last December. I never realized that she was such a huge part of my life until after she was gone. She was the daughter I never had. We shared a love for LSU and if she could not be with me to watch the game, she would always call and stay on the phone the entire time. Yes, I would have one hell of a phone bill, but that was OK. This will be the first football season that I will have to spend without her. She loved LSU because I did but any reason to love LSU is OK by me. I know she'll be up there cheering the team on tomorrow. We all need to take a minute and make a toast to all our family and friends who loved LSU so much and who can no longer be with us.

    I'll have her in my heart tomorrow, just like you'll have your Dad there with you. One thing I've learned is to be thankful that you have the wonderful memories that you have. It is these that will get you through.

    Hope everyone has a great football season and Geaux Tigers!

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