And they are still lying

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    The recent memo found on a computer disk in Iraq reportedly implores Al Qaida to get involved in Iraq. That would seem to imply they are not very committed to battle there now.

    The US military has found very little evidence of Al Qaida in Iraq even now. The memo also stated that the Iraqi people are very wary about involving themselves with foreign fighters.

    The last order Saddam Hussein gave to his followers before being captured told them to avoid contacts with foreign fighters, but instead to count on fellow Iraqis to fight the US.

    Yet we are supposed to believe that Saddam and Osama were working hand in hand as allies before the war.

    Many times over the last few months the White House has claimed attacks on our troops in Iraq are led by Al Qaida, or suggested Al Qaida is heavily involved in them. They keep suggesting and claiming this even in the face of a huge lack of evidence to support it.

    You have to think at this point that those claims are politically inspired.

    Recently Dick Cheney said that the two trailers found in Iraq are proof of a biological weapons program, at almost the same time that David Kay stated that all intelligience sources have concluded the trailers had nothing to do with bio weapons.

    You wonder if they lied to start the war? Folks, they are still lying.

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