Any info on the turkey hunter who was shot?

Discussion in 'Sportsman's Paradise' started by jvalhenson, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. jvalhenson

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    Anyone have any info on a turkey hunter that was shot in LA a couple weeks ago. It was a good friend of a good friend of mine, though I have never met the person I do not believe. I was only able to get a minimal info......he was shot in the face by another turkey hunter.....but the conversation had to get cut short and I havent been able to get back up with him again to get the rest of the info. Google has turned up nothing except a similar incident from several years ago but this just happened this season.
  2. KyleK

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    Where did it happen?
  3. jvalhenson

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    All I know is in LA.
  4. jvalhenson

    jvalhenson Freshman

    Finally got the rest of the story so here is how it happened. He had a gobbler coming in and was sitting by a good size tree. Caught some movement and saw a guy trying to slip in and bushwhack the bird. He whistled at the guy and waved at him while looking at him from the other side of the tree. Kinda turned like peaking out around the tree waving. Other guy sees the movement of the waving and shoots the movement hitting him in the face. Luckily the tree blocked most of the shot and they were able to save his eyes.
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    Dam. I hadn't heard about that.
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    I'll never understand these fucking idiots that shoot at movement.

    Anytime I ever squeezed the trigger....I was 100% positive of the size and sex* of the animal....much less the god damn species of it.

    I teach my son the same thing.

    *ok, except alligator hunting...can't tell the sex until you put your finger in it's cloaca after you've already boated it. It's required by the state when reporting your catch.
  7. red55

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    They should lose their hunting licenses for life. No excuse whatsoever for this.
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