Anybody wonder why to P-Mac is no longer packed

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Sabertooth, Feb 9, 2003.

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    SEC Basketball Records (1994-2003)

    1. Kentucky 122-30
    2. Florida 89-64
    3. Arkansas 88-64
    4. Alabama 78-75
    5. Miss State 76-77
    6. Georgia 75-77
    7. Ole Miss 75-78
    8. Tennessee 70-83
    9. Auburn 69-84
    10. South Carolina 64-89
    10. Vanderbilt 64-89

    and DAL is Drum Roll Please!!!

    12. LSU 47-107

    And might I add a distant DAL.

    Field of Dreams said it best if you build it they will come. LSU only presentable team in in that era was the1999-2000 squad when people packed the P-Mac in droves. If you put a good product on the court people will come. You can call it fairweather or not that is just the facts. I have been to my share of LSU basketball throughout this 10-year period and will continue but then again I am a die-hard basketball fan. The product is not present and Brady had only 1 in 6 years where the product was present.

    I have been a big critic of Brady from scheduling to recruiting to sideline behavior, however I am willing to give him one more year to put a product on the court. No product after next year coupled with his contract expiring, Brady will be back coaching High School basketball.
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    Aug 29, 2001
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    Pack the PMAC

    I agree and Brady has said it dozens of times. When the product on the floor is a good product the fans will come to see them play.
    If LSU were to start winning consistently, this season, before the season is over the crowd would start to come back. Everyone expected better from this team.
    I think the wheels started to come off when Shawnson Johnson quit the team.
  3. Tuwho?

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    Re: Pack the PMAC

    Don't forget the loss of Trask too.
  4. MikeD

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    I think the program is still smarting from the loss of Omar Salice Mance. ;)
  5. -T-

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    Sep 26, 2002
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    You obviously have been paaying attention these past few months.

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