Anyone catch this horseshit????

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by mctiger, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. mctiger

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  2. fanatic

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    Yeh, I read this and pretty much thought the same thing. Why is this guy even talking about something that happened almost 2 weeks ago and didn't even involve him or his team? And to call Drew soft. Really? Drew is the consummate professional so he doesn't really need any extra motivation, but I'm sure they're cooking up a special play or 2 for this guy.
  3. Cajun Sensation

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    We'll see how soft their QB is when we got Junior Gallette and Cam MF'in Jordan eating that bitch up every other play.

    I hope Rob Ryan dials it up for this motherfucker.
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  4. Cajun Sensation

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    I like the comment under the article.

    "Who's Mike Mitchell?"
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  5. LaSalleAve

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    Carolina is awful arrogant right now. As they should be, they have a great defense. Newton is just being a game manager, and not trying to do too much. I think Rob Ryan throws some shit at him that confuses the hell out of him, and the Saints win in the dome, but I think Carolina takes the one in Carolina.
  6. Cajun Sensation

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    Oh look. I was right. Cam Jordan and Junior Gallette ate that motherfucker's lunch. And Rob Ryan dialed that shit.

    Fuck you, Cam Newton.

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  7. islstl

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    Cam Newton hasn't progressed from his first two seasons as all the pundits wanted you to believe. This Carolina defense was fraudulent and was nowhere near the epic defense the pundits made them out to be.

    Cam Newton, still the arrogant punk kid who doesn't train hard, relies on his athletic ability to win games and doesn't study enough game film.

    Drew Brees schooled him and told him to sit the fuck down. This is grown man football. Toto, we're not in Auburn anymore.

    While this fucking immature tool is standing on the sideline sulking with that stupid towel on his head, Drew Brees is studying game pictures right after he threw his 4th TD pass of the game (should have been his 5th). Drew is busy wondering how he can do better. Cam Newton is busy wondering who to blame for the loss.

    The only difference between this year and the first two seasons has been their defense has held up in close and tight ball games late in the 4th quarter. Offensively, this is the same Cam Newton that doesn't light up the scoreboard or come close to it.

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