AP and Coaches Poll Out (Big news for Auburn potentially)

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    In the AP, Auburn was 81 points behind Ohio State as of last week, which is slightly more than 1 spot behind (60 voters).

    They have cut that deficit to only 29 points.

    While this poll isn't used for the BCS, it may portend what is to come from the Coaches and Harris polls within the hour.

    LSU moved up 1 spot to #14 in both polls.
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    Coaches Poll is out, and even better news for Auburn.

    They are only 25 points behind Ohio State. That's less than 1/2 of a spot behind (62 voters).

    Auburn stands a decent chance of overtaking Ohio State in the computer polls today.


    Ohio State .9432
    Auburn...... .9271

    If we assume similar results from the Harris Poll, Auburn would need to be at least .300 ahead in the computer polls to have a shot at overtaking Ohio State (3/4 of a spot ahead).

    What is most interesting is that after next week's game, Auburn could take at least half of the computer polls 1st spot over FSU, with FSU wedging itself between Auburn and Ohio State, easily giving Auburn enough advantage to overcome being 3rd in the human polls.
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