Appy State vs. Florida

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by LaSalleAve, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Can they beat the Gators? The Gators are down, they have lost the SEC East and won't be in Atlanta for the first time since 07. Appy State beat Michigan a few years ago, this is one of the best 1-AA teams out there, and Florida is in their depression mode.

    Not saying it's going to happen, but does anyone think this can go down?
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    I am so glad to see someone else post this. I work with a ton of Gator fans and I have been harrassing them all week about this game with Appy State. They pretty much dismiss them as 1-AA lightweight but I remind them of the Mich. game and the fact that Appy State is 9-1 this year.

    The size of the nuclear meltdown that would occur in Gainesville if this happened (and I really, really hope that it does) would be unbelieveable. Man it would be so nice to watch this go down...

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