Arizona State placed on probation

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    School sanctioned for improper benefits

    Associated Press

    TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona State's athletic department has been placed on probation for two years by the Pac-10 conference for improper benefits given to former running back Loren Wade.

    The conference's compliance and enforcement committee commended ASU for taking steps to police itself.

    "This was essentially the committee recognizing that this is how you're supposed to do it if you find something wrong within your program," Pac-10 spokesman Jim Muldoon said.

    The school will not face any restrictions under the probation.

    Wade was suspended indefinitely after allegations that he received help from an employee, including use of a car and her name on his utility bill so he could avoid a deposit. The employee was later fired.

    An internal investigation discovered discrepancies in financial aid checks to several student-athletes.

    In an unrelated incident, Wade was charged in the March shooting death of former ASU player Brandon Falkner at a Scottsdale nightclub. Wade is scheduled to go to trial in January.

    The Pac-10 will forward its probation recommendation to the NCAA.

    ASU interim athletic director Christine Wilkinson said she expects the NCAA to approve the Pac-10's recommendation.
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    Call it a cop out but it seems pretty easy to charge a guy who alledgedly shot a teammate with accepting money and hope that the NCAA overlooks the illegal moeny incident and focuses on the shooting and subsequent dismissal.

    P.S. This last sentence took about 20 minutes to type... witness the time.

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