Article from Dodd on the LSU/Bama game

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by geauxgeauxhon, Nov 6, 2010.

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    To sum it up:

    1. Les gets the game ball from the players.

    2. Every single play call, no matter how sane, was 'crazy' because Les is our head coach.

    3. CLM eats grass...see? He's CRAZY! lol.

    Whatever! 'Crazy calls' led to our win, not f'ing execution on the field of play or smart play calling when it was needed.

    Crazy play calls have Miles, LSU fighting for BCS glory - NCAA Football -

    Meanwhile, we're again, whatever!
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    Well the 2 "crazy calls" were plays that put us in a position to have really high percentage of success.

    The Bama punt D showed itself in it's formation that said "you can run to the left side" and gain significant yardage. We audibled to it and it worked just as we thought it would.

    The 4th and 1 saw an overly aggressive run D by Bama that we had a great feeling we could exploit. And boy did we execute, but the Bama D was so fooled on it that we didn't even need to execute it all that well.

    I didn't see any other "crazy" plays.

    Maybe Les Miles is sane and we're phucking nuts.
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    looking like this more and more every week
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    lol, no who's nuts are the guys who have given us the whole "Les is nuts" scenario and then have to go to all lengths to keep it going. There was nothing nuts about any of the so-called crazy plays today. The fake punt? Calculated risk taken after Bama had previously shown us the opening was there. A 3rd- and-medium jet sweep to one of your best playmakers? A play that's been run pretty successfully all season? Crazy? Nothing crazy about going for it on 4th and 1 when you're trailing in the 4th but your offense is building momentum. As I pointed out in another thread, it was hardly a risky call like, say, a QB throwback or an option pass. And it was a play we haven't run all season, set up to look like a play we run 10 times a night. Beautiful call. The Lee-to-Randle pass on 3rd down? What were we supposed to do, run off tackle again, then give it to Bama again near midfield, with a timeout and a minute to play? That would have been crazy.

    Nope, nothing nuts about :milesmic: today. Unless you think out-preparing the supposed best coach in the country is nuts.
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    At least we know why LM's mind works like it does, its all the "grass"

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