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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Proud Tiger, Jun 3, 2005.

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    Yesterday's Birmingham News had a column about the upcoming LSU-Tulane series for those of you who may be interested. For what it's worth, the column makes some comments about this series with possible instate games for Auburn and Alabama.

    Under "Latest Columns" see the one by Kevin Scarbinski
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    LSU/scum is a historical series and to have LSU play in New Orleans, LSU gets the most tickets and will make $400,000 more than the home team!

    Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss and State have zero to gain by playing UAB, Troy or USM in any place other than Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Oxford, or Starkville. All four SEC schools have on campus facilities seating in excess of 60,000. UAB offers a condemed stadium, Troy a trip to nowhere, and USM a step climb into a small, sub-SEC quality stadium. It took a lot for LSU to hook back up with the scum, but the more appropriate comparison would be LSU playing home-and-home with ULL. No self respecting SEC school would EVER venture to Lafayette for a football game (please, someone jump on this so I can point out the SELF-RESPEFCTING line...)

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