As The Marlins Turn

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    If you think the Astros is the worst team in MLB, you are simply wrong (hopefully this brings Tirk back)

    Its the Marlins and its not even close.

    How To Ruin A Franchise, Step 41: Write a full-page letter in the newspapers blaming the media, attendance, general ignorance -- anyone but yourself! -- for your decaying franchise a year after a publicly-funded stadium was built.
    That's the only explanation, right?
    Sunday was some suicidal next-step from the how-to manual Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is following into baseball oblivion. Because no one can be naturally this tone-deaf, can they?

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    You should start a thread that reads, 'As the Martin Turns'
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    Let's put together a collection and go buy them. They can't be worth more than about 150 bucks after all this dude has done.

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