At the Tiger Tour, Les Takes a Shot

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUDad, May 15, 2014.

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    Thought some might not have read what Les said yesterday at the Tiger Tour...It's getting lots of play........

    Ok, I'll post this now that its out..........Les from today.........Gordy Rush asked about having 9 players drafted this year.

    JohnLandes @JohnLandes1
    Ouch. #recruiting RT Les Miles: "We are very fortunate to have players drafted in NFL, some universities in Texas aren't so fortunate"

    Some say its a shot at Tx, other say its a shot at T. Davis, to refresh, T. Davis told all that on signing day he was gonna be a Tiger, the staff was told this right up till the end.

    The ut message boards are running hot with this one.

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    Baylor, TT, TCU, A&M, Rice, SMU all had picks. I think this was on Mac Brown. No NFL team had confidence in one of his players and that has to be on the coach.

    UT broke a streak that has gone on since 1938. They should be proud of themselves!
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    If it's one thing Texans do well its cry. If there's one thing they just can't deal with it's losing. I echo the fuggem sentiment.
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    sxsw must be over.
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    More on t davis, case some forgot...............I know, time to move on, but this one made some cuts and Les might not have forgotten......

    Too add, He cited bad atmosphere, poor morale, etc. on the LSU team. He said that at Texas as a DE, would be the quickest way for him to get to the NFL. Tx sold him, his high school coach said he was all LSU.
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    All in favor?


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