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    Are you guys ready for the REAL Tigers of the SEC? I know you are supposed to be good this year and we're supposed to be rebuilding. AU dominated a decent Ole Miss team until they made a youthful mistake and let up in the 3rd. What are your strengths this year. We have a powerful dominating defensive front and a future star quarterback. Should be a great game.

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    I admit, Auburn appears to be a much better football team than I expected. This should be one hell of a football game.

    The LSU strengths are a powerful running back, and a potentially explosive passing game. The Tigers have not shown much on either side of the ball in the first two games. Unless I missed it, they only blitzed 3 times so far this season. 2 of those ended up with sacks, and one caused a fumble that we recovered. We should see a lot of defensive action this week.
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    REAL Tigers??? PUHLEEEEZE!!!

    Ask anyone in the country who the Tigers are of the SEC and you'll get the same answer over and over.

    The LSU Tigers. The ONLY Tigers in the SEC. Your mascot is an eagle is it not? Doesn't your eagle fly around the "Jungle" before each game?

    You are the Auburn Eagles and we are the LSU TIGERS. :)

    The Eagles do look better than many expected but Ole Miss is over-rated.

    Your quarterback looks promising but we'll see how he does under the lights of Death Valley.

    GEAUX Tigers. The LSU Tigers. The ONLY TIGERS in the SEC. (and the country for that matter)
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    BBF Admin,

    Why do you say "potentially explosive" passing game? Have you not shown it yet?

    I have to admit, I only learn about the coming week's opponent when they come around on the schedule, so I'm not too familiar with LSU yet. I had heard that the running game was a strong point for your offense.

    That should make this a fairly low scoring game. Auburn's rushing defense is GOOD. Our secondary is young, inexperienced, but fast. So from that standpoint alone, it appears to be strength vs. strength when LSU has the ball.

    Auburn is still trying to figure out what kind of offense we have. We have a load of talent both in the rushing and the passing game. But again, Auburn is very, very young (an all freshman/sophmore backfield). The first two games have been pretty evenly split between rushing/passing yardage and have been respectable performances but nothing earth-shattering (300+ yards total offense).

    Our strengths: Defensive Line & Linebackers, both in depth and speed. Raw talent and speed elsewhere

    Our weaknesses: Inexperience. It will be interesting to see how the team handles the game atmosphere in Baton Rouge. I'm sure they haven't seen anything like it yet.
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    No, we have not shown anything yet

    We do have potential in the whole offense. But the passing is our strong point. We knew that coming into the season and are reasured that when we have wanted to pass, that it has come fairly easily.

    Defensively, we are good against the run, but a good running back like we faced this weekend can do some damage. My only hope is that we can close up the lanes in any zone type defense we may play.

    Watching Auburns game with Ole Miss Sat., I see nothing different. A good defense and oppurtunistic offense. There is no doubt that if we make any mistakes, that Auburn will take advantage of them.
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    Real Tigers

    Auburn was the "original" Tiger of the SEC. It came from an Oliver Goldsmith poem, "The deserted Village".... In the poem, there's a line that reads "Sweet Auburn, Loveliest Village of the Plains, where crouching Tigers await their hapless prey...." LSU got their nickname, "the fighting Tigers" after a battalion of the same name in one of the world wars, if I'm not mistaken. The War Eagle is NOT our official mascot but is a battle cry.
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    LSU has not shown anything offensivly yet, or defensively for that matter. The passing game is definetely the strong point of the offense. We have just been running the ball a lot in the first two games. You will see a much more threatening passing game on Saturday. In the first two games I bet the Tigers didn't run 15 different plays. Everything has been very vanillia to this point.
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    I honestly don't know who wins the "first" Tiger award but LSU's Tiger nickname came from a regiment of Louisiana soldiers in the War Between the States called the "Fighting Tigers"

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    You say that Auburn has a GOOD running defense, but if Tiger(LSU that is) fans remember, last year, Toe and his buddies went up against the best running defense in the nation, who gave up some ridiculous number of yards per game(something in the 40's if I remember correctly) in Mississippi state, and they ran all over them. So a GOOD rushing defense seems to get the running game of LSU reved up
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    FWIW, LSU had less than 85 yards rushing against Auburn last year. Auburn had the SEC's best overall defense and we were 11th best in the nation in 2000. This year, we're 10th in the nation and we haven't given up a TOTAL of 100 yards rushing in our first two games combined. We'll be extremely hard to run on and your chances of winning will rest on the shoulders of Rohan Davey, IMHO.
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