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    here is one from the calabria area in italy which coincidentally is where my grandfather was from.....very easy dish as are most country italian foods.

    Vermicelli con la Mollica di Pane

    Very easy, very quick, very tasty. Taken from 'Calabria a Tavola' by Ferretti and Serra.


    500gr vermicelli pasta, 2 cloves of garlic, 4 salted anchovies, one hot pepper, 100gr of bread crumbs, salt.

    Making it

    First toast the two cloves of garlic in olive oil until they take on a brown golden color.

    Remove the garlic before adding the pepper (which has been chopped into small pieces and the anchovies (with the salt and spine removed)

    Add the bread crumbs. 'Mollica' refers to the soft part of the loaf so throw away the crust before you make the bread crumbs.

    Boil the pasta in slightly salty water as the anchovies will already contain sufficient salt.

    Cook until 'al dente' and following draining place in the pan of the oil and bread mixture.

    Mix well and serve immediately.

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