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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tenebrism, Oct 20, 2007.

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    i've dished a lot of criticism to our defense lately and for sure i've got more.

    the back to basics can easily apply to offense as in "CATCH THE FREAKIN BALL!" but our play calling is definitely sound football.

    but defense... err... pellini... what in the hell are you doing!? linebackers on receivers!? we all know that one.

    now i don't know how many of y'all played ball and i stopped at the beginning of high school. but safeties. do we not know what that word implies? a safety is there for... SAFETY. it's like a sweeper in soccer, he's there to sweep up the errors in the front of the defense.

    but ohhh no. not us. we have cornerbacks playing man coverage and safety at the same time while our safeties are up front.

    now i understand why strong safeties come up. but really now, are we going to ever get back to sound defense? doesn't look like it.

    (feel free to blast away, prove me wrong, etc. i just need to vent because this is ultimately depressing)

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