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Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by Bengal B, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Where is the best hamburger in town? George's on Perkins Road used to have a great one but I had one there a couple of months ago and it wasn't nearly as good as in the past. Same for Sammy's on Highland Road.

    Sunday I stopped at an ancient hamburger stand on Airline Highway near Prarieville called Burger Delite and the burger I got there blew away anything I have had in Baton Rouge for years. It was about as good as the ones they served at the Brass Rail in the 70's.

    For anybody who wants to try it it is located across the street from the Ascension Babtist Church on Airline Highway.
  2. mesquite tiger

    mesquite tiger Diabolical Genius

    I am kinda partial to Burger King's Whopper....

    the Frost Stop on Airline in La Place makes great burgers.
  3. LSU Stud

    LSU Stud Freshman

    George's has been going downhill quickly. I've only been going there for about three years and it seems like every time I go it gets progressively worse. Their bloody marys are still good though. Dearman's on Jefferson Hwy is supposed to have some good burgers, but I've never been. Port 'O Call in New Orleans has the best burgers.
  4. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    I used to like the burgers at the Frostop on Govenment Street. I haven't been there in a long time but I love their root beer.

    For fast food burgers nothing beats What A Burger. Unfortunatly there is only one in town and its on Siegen Lane by the Target store. Traffic can be a nightmare there. If they would open a What A Burger near LSU it would be a goldmine. They sell them for the same price as a Whopper or a Big Mac.
  5. mesquite tiger

    mesquite tiger Diabolical Genius

    i did not realize whataburger was outside of Texas. They are everywhere here, and they are great. made to order. that is cool there is one in BR.
  6. JasonBohn

    JasonBohn Freshman

    There is a brand new place right in the strip mall next to target called cheeburger cheeburger, and they have a 1 pound burger there, i'm definatly thinkin about trying it. they are also opening another place on siegen called backyard burgers which is a franchise from those 2 places might be great places to check out....if i get a chance to try cheeburger cheeburger this weekend i will definatly write up a report for ya!
  7. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    There is one in Mobile, AL too. That one and the one in BR are the only ones I have ever seen outside of Texas. When I was a kid there was a Whataburger on Plank Road or Senic Highway. There was a story about it in the paper when What A Burger opened in BR. The guy who owned it was somehow affiliated with the people in Texas but he called his Whataburger instead of What A Burger. He put himself through college with it. My Dad worked at Exxon (it was called Esso back then) and sometimes he would bring me a whataburger on his way home from work.
  8. DDTigerFan

    DDTigerFan Back from the Dead

    Sweet, a Backyard Burgers is opening! I love that place. I used to eat there all the time when I lived in Oklahoma.
  9. MrMacho

    MrMacho Freshman

    My favorite burger is from Brewbacher's. They're thick, delicious, and 100% beef. You won't smell any soybean in that burger.
  10. ok awesome

    ok awesome geaux

    There are whataburgers all over in the Florida beach area. Also in Biloxi.

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