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Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by Bengal B, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    Fast-food burgers can't even be considered food, IMHO. The best burgers in Baton Rouge are:

    1. Louie's Cafe
    2. Brewbachers
    3. Dearman's Drug Store
    4. Frostop
    5. George's
  2. jcnumberone

    jcnumberone Freshman

    thanks, brett. I used to work as the manager over there at Ruby Tuesday's and they really do a good job with the burgers. Take it from a guy with first hand knowledge, they make sure that every burger that goes out of that kitchen is cooked just right. Next time you go in there ask your server to tell you if Torrey or Andy or Dewayne is working and if one of those guys are, tell them that Delton Moore wanted them to cook you a burger like they used to cook for him... By the way, Brett is your last name Troxler? If it is, my mom and your mom were sorrority sisters at USM together; they were in the same pledge class, I believe.
  3. Vincent4Heisman

    Vincent4Heisman Freshman

    Judice Inn in Lafayette has some great burgers. They are small, but they are great. If you're ever in Lafayette, stop by and have a couple with an ice cold coke in the old fashion bottles. That place has been around for decades.
  4. b L e S e U r

    b L e S e U r Freshman

    dearman's used to be one of my favorites, but everything there is WAY to pricey now for a college student like myself. 10 bucks won't even get you a burger, fries, and a drink over there any more. And the shakes? a small is now 4 dollars and I actually paid for one of these and it came out thin as hell.

    If in Lafayette try Judice Inn or JB Snubs (which is the old Buns)

    I like Burger Delight off of airline on the way to gonzales.
  5. b L e S e U r

    b L e S e U r Freshman

    funny vincent4heisman we were simultaneously thinking of judice inn burgers
  6. TexasTigers

    TexasTigers Are You With Me ?

    For us Dallas Tigers

    Balls Hamburgers - on Inwood
    and Snuffers on lower greenville.

    Just fantastic burgers. Damn its Friday.. Being a Catholic is tough during Burger talk.
  7. MiketheTiger69

    MiketheTiger69 Freshman

    That WhataBurger was on Plank Road almost right across from the Regina Theater It's been years since I was in that part of town. Is the Regina still there? At one time it was a second run theater and for kids features. Then in the 60's it turned into a soft porn theater along with the Varsity. I think the Varsity now is a playhouse, right? Man, what memories!

    I remember that corner of Plank and Choctaw used to be one of the busiest intersections in town. Had a Rexall drug store and small shopping center on the NE corner, Santa Maria dairy on the SE and a big bank and Green Stamp redemption center and the Regina on the NW. I think there was a restaurant on the SW. St.Anthony church and school is there too. Traffic heavy even back then.

    And somebody mentioned the Frostop on Gov't. St. Is that still open? I thought it had closed down. BTW, it was that Frostop that was used in the film "Everybody's All-American" for Norvell Blue's chicken stand.
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  8. G_MAN113

    G_MAN113 Freshman

    The Varsity is kind of a smaller concert venue now, along the lines of House of Blues in New Orleans (in fact a lot of acts play the Varsity one night, HOB
    the next or vice versa). All the rest you mention, i.e., the corner of Plank and
    Choctaw has, unfortunately, gone to seed and become a high-crime slum area.
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  9. captainpodnuh

    captainpodnuh Baseball at da Box

    I gotta chime in here now. I have yet to find a burger in BR that can live up to Port O Call in NO. A fresh ground 100% sirloin burger. You can actually eat it cooked to medium since it is fresh ground. Add a huge baked potato with all the fixins, and you got yourself a meal you can barely finish.

    Brewbachers, claiming to have the best burger in BR, is horrible. The burger is very mealy, almost like they add breadcrumbs to it. Some of these other burger joints are OK. If I go for a burger in town, I usually go to Dearmans, but even that can't hold up to Port O Call, or its evil twin, Lakeview Harbor near City Park (Those of you from NO know the story of Lakeview Harbor. Its basically a clone of Port O Call in a much safer part of town).

    There are too many good things on the menu at J Alexander's to think about getting a burger there. We could definitely use a burger upgrade in BR.
  10. MiketheTiger69

    MiketheTiger69 Freshman

    Thanks, G-man. Seems like that whole North BR area has gone to s&*t! I went to Belue's on Scenic to get some boudin and andouille and was just truly saddened to see what that area has become. I guess it shows my age to say that when I was coming up, that used to be one of the thriving parts of town. Most of the people that worked at the plants lived in that area, including many of my friends and realtives. If I recall correctly, most all of NBR is gone to s*&t. Glen Oaks and all that area as well.

    Sorry to deviate from the theme of this post but that really stirred some old ghosts.

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