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Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by Bengal B, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. TexasTigers

    TexasTigers Are You With Me ?

    I remember Monticello used to have HUGE Christmas lights things, people would come from all over to see them

    I grew up in WHite Oak Landing at the end of Harrells Ferry. When I was a kid there was nothing out there. Oneal was an old beat up country road and to get to White Oak (Which had about 20 houses in it) there was one way in and one way out. Now there is stuff everywhere.

    Well progress is good I guess.
  2. diamondheadtiger

    diamondheadtiger Founding Member

    Port of Call in New Orleans, great burgers.

    Hooters, pretty good too
  3. shaqazoolu

    shaqazoolu Concentrated Awesome

    OH.............MY.................GOODNESS........4 pages of burger bliss and no one has yet to mention Riverside Patty here in BR? And the nerve of even mentioning Brewbacher's as having good burgers......Brewbacher's = greatest ripoff evAr. If no one in here has ever tried the Riverside Patty....BUY ONE NOW!!!!
  4. mesquite tiger

    mesquite tiger Diabolical Genius

    what about the greatness of Fuddruckers????????
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  5. LSUBud

    LSUBud Freshman

    That's something you longer want to admit. I remember going out to the Plaza as late as 1984. Nowadays, that part of town is like going into the projects. You drive by on the interstate and KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED!!!

    Some of those really expensive houses they built in the 70's can be had for a song now.

    That whole area is SCARRY.
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  6. conradj

    conradj Freshman

    Forgot about them. The best burger I have had in recent memory. And the absolute best Baked Potato I have ever eaten. Of course I was a little tipsy from their Monsoon (Strongest drink ever) :shock:
  7. diamondheadtiger

    diamondheadtiger Founding Member

    Nice place Conradj, :) :) :) :) :)
  8. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Where are they located? I never heard of them.

    Fuddruckers wasn't all that good but you could make your own fixings.
  9. shaqazoolu

    shaqazoolu Concentrated Awesome

    There is actually 2 Riverside Patties in BR. One (the original) is somewhere downtown....obviously I have never been. The other one is just off of Siegen Lane. If you know where Sherwin Williams or the Harley Store is on Siegen then you went too far. It 2 little side streets before that. The side road is called Cloverland. It is after Industriplex and Team Honda but before Airline. Turn right on Cloverland and go down to like the 3rd or 4th building on the is set kinda off the road so you gotta look. If you plan on going for lunch, call ahead cuz they are always packed around lunch time. I work at Sherwin right there so I eat there a decent amount.

    If you can eat a double burger and a order of cajun Q's in one are worthy of a challenge to me. NO EXCUSES.....BUY ONE TOMORROW!!
  10. Coonie

    Coonie Founding Member

    For me:

    Fast Food:Whataburger (although nothing beats flamed broiled like at the BK Lounge)

    Local Establishment: Riverside Patty (real meat, big-ass burger cooked to order)

    National Restaurant Chain: TGI Friday's (the Black Angus version ONLY! Excellent!)

    As far as in N.O.:

    Bud's Broiler! They cook them over charcoal in a brick oven. Treat yourself to a little bit of heaven: order a #4 with chili, sauce, onions, and shredded cheddar, along with a side of fries, a Barq's root beer, and a fried peach pie with powdered sugar! And, of course, to complete the dining experience, you must consume the above feast at the location in City Park across the street from Del-ga-doo college. Can't beat the "ambiance!" And you thought cruise ship bathrooms were tiny? HA!
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