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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by scrappy, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Its hard to argue that the top half of the SEC is better than any in the country. By the top half I mean 1-6.....How would you compare the top 3 of the SEC to other top 3's across the country??

    I'd give a slight edge to the Big 10 over the SEC. Imagine these games if the top teams of the Big 10 played the tops in the SEC

    Ohio st vs Florida
    Michigan vs Tennessee
    Iowa vs Auburn/Arkansas

    then there is the second tier

    Wisconsin vs Arkansas/Auburn
    Penn State vs. LSU
    Purdue vs. Georgia

    I'm setting up these matchups based on how these teams are fairing in their conference this year and how they have played against good teams.

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    buckeyes and UF a good game with a slight edge to OSU.
    Tenn and Mich are even.
    Auburn would beat Iowa.

    LSU would destroy anyone on that 2nd tier.
    Arkansas would put up a good fight but might get beaten by wisconsin.
    I think spurrier or bama could beat purdue.

    i haven't even mentioned UGA yet.

    i still like the SEC better top to bottom.

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