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    1. LSU
    Nobody cooks like the Cajuns. Walking among the tailgaters here is like strolling through one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants. RW once joined a group serving jambalaya, duck and oyster gumbo, stuffed quail, deer sauce picante, wild duck, cochon deli, Cajun sausage, crawfish etouffee, rabbit, alligator stew and marinated pork tenderloin. And that was for a non-conference game. More important, LSU plays most games at night, which means you have an entire day to soak it in. The only downside is you may not be able to get yourself into the stadium by the time kickoff rolls around.
    So there you have it, a fair, balanced and completely impartial list of the best tailgating campuses in America. By the way, Ohio State fans have no doubt noticed their school did not make the list, despite the 100,000-plus passionate faithful surrounding the Horseshoe each game in one of college football's best and most spirited gatherings. That's because Road Warrior's alma mater recently lost to the Buckeyes and hasn't gotten over it, yet.

    We're first EVERYWHERE...:geauxtige

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