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BHO empty bag of air

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Winston1, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    Dissagree. Read Woodwards book about the last time as it is the same playbook he is using now. BHO is front and center of the problem. BTW I give no pass to the Rs they certainly played their part. The fact is BHO has shirked his responsibility to lead time and time again. This time he spent almost a month out of the picture and again abdicated his responsibility this week. You are blind if you don't see that. By the very nature of his office he has the responsibility to be the grown up in the room. He avoids the room until a deal is made. This is the pattern he has followed since he was elected in 2008.
  2. red55

    red55 curmudgeon

    If I disagree with political diatribes it has nothing to do with blindness. if you imagine that I am not aware, you are imperceptive.
  3. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    I percieve you see what you want to make your argument and nothing else matters. You will ignore an oncoming train if it doesn't fit what you want.
  4. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Fact is as Commander of the USA, you are head of the ship. It is all on you to get shit done just as it is all on Bush for all the blaming that has been done.

    Mold your argument how you wish. Obama failed to pull in the minority party to pass a good deal.
  5. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    Hell he failed to lead his own party.
  6. red55

    red55 curmudgeon

    And you don't? Look, don't make politically charged statements if you don't want to be argued with.
  7. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    Don't mind arguments at all, in fact that is why I started the thread. However all you have done is pass on personal comments and not answered the charge against BHO. So please show me where he has shown leadership and courage.
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  8. gyver

    gyver Rely on yourself not on others.

    The only ones fooled are the ones that voted for Barry. If you voted for him the first time I'd say you were fooled. If you voted for him again your idiot. 14 million unemployed when he took office. 22 million unemployed now and budget deficits increased from 500 billion to over a trillion in the first year alone.

    The 86 million invisible unemployed - May. 3, 2012
    It's true that the unemployment rate is falling. But that doesn't include the millions of nonworking Americans who ... number of "disengaged" Americans, ...

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    lead his own party to what, when we went through this shit last year with the debt ceiling. Obama had his party ready to vote on a grand bargin, that was 4 to fucking 1 on spending cuts to revenues. 4 to 1 and the house republicans said no, because they didnt want to raise any taxes. Let me say that again, since you only can come up with bullshit for the course. 4 dollars in spending cuts to 1 dollar of revenue and they didnt take the deal.

    so fuck em, they played checkers, Obama played chess and won the election and backed them into a corner on the sequester that they fucking voted for, now want to rescind because it his military spending hard as if they didnt know that when House republicans voted in favor of the spending cuts. And they lost the fight on taxes, when they had Obama in a weak position, when he gave in on spending and entitlements in that grand bargin deal.
    Conservatives like yourself are living in a vacuum of self inflicted noise, refusing to listening to anything else but fringe conservative points of view, the same issue that had Romney thinking he was going to win the election.

    Give me a break, if you are going to post something, tell the fucking truth and dare I say stop being intellectually dishonest when sweeping statements that do not tell the entire story.
  10. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    You obviously only listen to the talking points supplied by BHO's team. In the 2011 debt negotiations he constantly shifted his position and when the Rs agreed to a deal he shifted the terms. Read Bob Woodward's book "The Price of Politics" for more of the story. Woodward is a frontline reporter who tells us what happened without spin and by no means a source of your so called "self inflicted noise". There are so many sources of information from all places that put this picture in focus. Here is another editorial for your review http://www.washingtonpost.com/opini...34a9b6-5393-11e2-8b9e-dd8773594efc_story.html. Is Samuelson conservative? Yes but he has a reputation for telling the truth. There have been many pieces in the NY Times, Washington Post etcetera that provide windows into BHOs incompetance and duplicity. ARe those part of the right wing noise machine? Sport I am a conservative but never watch Fox or listen to Rush. Instead I get what TV news there is from MSNBC (Morning Joe) and CNN. I can think for myself and like Clausewitz and Sun Tzu learn what the opposition is doing to have a real picture of the situation.
    Your point reenforces mine, BHO played election politics and is still playing election politics rather than acting as a leader. SO there is basis for my sweeping statements that is based on asorbing a broad range of information and making my own decisions. I wish more on both sides would try it. Listening only to those you agree with only narrows the mind and limits the ability to form a valid picture of the situation.
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