Bias in the Sports Media (Especially ESPN)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Proud Tiger, Apr 14, 2008.

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    First of all, who cares if he cheers...he's still a buckeye. as uscvball pointed out, Herbie has mishandled his allegiance by damning us at times as well, so whatever. How can this guy try and credibly call into doubt another journalists motivations when he's droning on and on (repeating himself over and over again), with the same Big Ten hating drivel. While it's clear that there are business ties between networks and conferences, i'm thinking the B10 network might be the ones pimping the buckeyes, much more than the folks over at ESPN who drug our program through the mud over the clarrett thing, and the Troy Smith issue, yet barely blink over the Reggie Bush situation(sorry vball, but true, not saying he's guilty, but proportionate coverage? methinks not)

    Singling out individual players for ridicule also makes him a pretty professional journalist, who I would be really inclined to listen to as much as possible:dis:. Making a valid point about media hypocrisy doesn't entitle you to take pot shots at an amateur athlete. It's clear he's obviously more interested in pimping the conference of his choice. Not saying the SEC doesn't deserve the credit, but come on, they got plenty of love from the media, so excuse me for gagging on the stench that this article of trash has eminating from my computer screen.

    End of Rant...hope everyone is well over here, i know it's been a minute. Read Mandel's article on Perrilloux's maturity, and i am excited for you guys to have a good year! Good luck as always!
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    I know that we tend to color our viewpoint on ESPN, and just about everyone thinks that the network is biased against their team.

    But if anyone watched the gameday special for the NC game, it was incredibly slanted to OSU. Every point and comparison they made, even where LSU seemed to have the edge, they explained how it reallly was an edge to OSU, and I mean every one. And they alll picked OSU to win.

    Fair and balanced it wasn't

    and to boot, I didn't hear any eat crow after the ass thumping we laid on them.
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    Now back to the Mickey Mouse Network bashing... :wave:
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    Same as every other media outlet!

    They all hate LSU!

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    he makes a point about no one being from the south from espn. didn't rece davis go to bama?

    the best point he makes is on accountability. that's the biggest problem.

    sportscasters should have people who keep stats on them with every point they try to make and hold them accountable. i think it would be great to see someone (actually i think it's rece davis) intro lou holtz on the thursday night show...

    "well now joining us is former coach lou holtz. holtz is 0-7 this season in his predictions. he's made 137 points, guesses, or arguments and only been right on 11 of them. he's also had four different production assistants go through 74 towels this season wiping down equipment after his segments. coach, what are your feelings on the big game this weekend..."

    i think this would be great. and even the really credible ones would only be right at about a 60-75% clip (as would anyone). but i'd be willing most of the guys over at the 4 letter network would be below the 50% range.

    then the talking heads could come and go like a farm system. if you have a really bad season, you get sent down to figure skating or bowling or something. arena football at least.

    i think this would help out with accountablility and would love to see a talking head's stats flashed under them while they talk.
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    i agree that herbie has gone overboard dogging the big-10 in an effort to make up for his snafu the year UF won it all. But to compare the entire conference with the mac was a reach no matter how bad we think they are and i surely wouldnt like a guy in that position speaking negatively about my conference. not when considered one of our own.

    I dismiss all the other details since it sounds far too personal for this guy which is often common for fans too close to the situation.

    though I do disagree with the writer of that blog harping on herbstreit's biased views for OSU and the big-10. How could anyone conclude such a thing unless it was written 2 years ago? I think herbstreit did a decent job after realizing his mistake the previous year. herbie is actually just about the best they have left. it sounds too personal for this guy as well--just on the other end of the spectrum.

    then he wrote this:
    umm, rece davis is a gump grad.

    strange to hear the two extreme opposing viewpoints about the same guy but surely goes to show we hear what we want. every program feels they are disrespected and quite frankly, Im pretty tired of it.

    espn, as a whole, sucks regarding its talking heads. I can agree with that. But its not like there are other options and we all know it, especially them.

    if only they would forgive ron franklin and bring him back to prime-time i could overlook most of it. yet that damned holly rowe's fat face is everywhere.

    100 lbs of sugar ago version-[​IMG]

    mean spirited,:huh:. maybe he shoulda said chinaman.
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    There are not a lot of people with Southern accents in any area of national broadcasting. Unless someone is willing to adjust their accent to the generally accepted (from a media standpoint) General American standard then it's not going to happen. There might be some exceptions (NASCAR maybe?) but for the most part, no.

    Sportscasters simply report scores and stories. Sports analysts like Herbie, Lou, and the rest are paid to give their opinion so accuracy in forecasting scores and outcomes isn't the focus. Entertainment and viewership is.
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    He is not accurate about one thing: Georgia was never #2 last year. Going into the championship weekend, Mizzou was #1, WVU #2, tOSU #3, & UGA #4. Yes, LSU did jump them from #7 to #2, but the Tigers did it by beating a team that had thumped the Dawgs.

    I found it interesting that he did not mention the "scoop" Herbstreit had the morning of the SECCG. I like the way that turned out.

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    Pot meet kettle...this from an employee of the same Sporting News that rehashed a bunch of derogatory crap that should have been relagated to stories that lead up to the National Championship game but instead printed it in the issue following the game with barely a blurb on the actual game?

    It's why their renewal notices are used as TP.

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