Big Pharma at it again!

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    Big Pharma is at it again, cracking down on peptides. Synthetically reproduced peptides that occur naturally in your body. A big benefit to many people, especially +40 who produce far less. Two weeks of BPC 157 and my "ski knee" disappeared. Saved me from visiting an orthopedic.

    Anyway, Big Pharma can't patent natural peptides so they're having Uncle Sam shut it down. But rest assured they'll be back with genetically modified and patentable peptides. Like Ozempic. And they'll expect to make billions more.

    All this "my political team is better than your political team" is laughable. Big Pharma is balls deep in both political parties. Usually better to vote for outsiders and hope they don't get corrupted too soon. And best of all, vote with your wallet. Careful where you spend your money.

    FDA Ban on Peptides

    On Thursday September 28th, 2023 Compounding Pharmacies across the United States received a letter from the FDA that had been rumoured to be "coming" for the past 4 years.

    The letter prohibits them from compounding and selling 22 peptides - the list is long and includes some of the best known and most powerful peptides: from BPC 157 to GHKCu, Melanotan 2 to CJC 1295, MOTS-C, Epitalon and beyond. Shock waves are rippling across the functional medical community as doctors and patients are faced with the reality of losing access to these compounds that have become so valuable in addressing many intractable conditions.

    As a result, the Clinical Peptide Society (Dr Edwin Lee and Dr Luis Martinez), The International Peptide Society (Dr Kent Holtorf & James Lavalle), SSRP (Dr William Seeds), The Institute for Functional Medicine and many more have come together to try and get this decision reversed. Compounding pharmacies (like Brooksville Pharmacy in Florida) are also likely leaning in to this battle as the fear is that this is just the beginning...the FDA has been gunning for HRT for years and many suspect that this could be next in line.
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