BiQueens had bounty program, too

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by watson1880, Feb 5, 2019.

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    I find it hilarious that the biqueens had a bounty program and hate the Saints for beating up Farve with ours.

    According to offensive lineman Artis Hicks in an excerpt on Deadspin, “It was part of the culture.”

    “I had coaches start a pot and all the veterans put in an extra $100, $200, and if you hurt someone special, you get the money. There was a bottom line, and I think we all bought in: you’re there to win, and if taking out the other team’s best player helps you win, hey, it’s nothing personal. Just business.”
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    What actually makes it ridiculous is all teams have bounties, all the way down to park ball... extra slice of pizza after the game for knocking the shit out of the other team's best player... These are legal hits, not just diving at a players knees... Roger was just using us as the scape to satisfy the coming (at that time) CTE scandal... I still remember that fucktard, Peter King talking about how it turned his stomach learning about the bounty the saints had... Fuck him and Roger...
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