Brandon Jacobs - ESPNMag's Next???

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by MikebTiger, Dec 24, 2002.

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    I don't know, sometimes those NEXT picks don't work out so well, but other times they do.

    I saw Brandon Jacobs play my HS alma mater 2 times during his HS career. He played for Assumption HS, near Donaldsonville - only about 45 minutes from Baton Rouge. He was awesome, completely dominate, a man among boys. He goes about 6-4, 240. Blazing speed.

    He signed with Auburn as a non-qualifier (he's learning disabled, I think probably a dyslexic) and was placed at a JC. He was recruited by LSU out of JC, but recruited as a LB. Auburn kept recruiting him and they are bringing him in as a RB, loaded as they are at RB, also.

    What can it hurt if LSU would have recruited him at RB??? I have a feeling that we might really, really regret not having this guy on our team, especially considering that we will have to stop him for 2 years. He committed to the Tigers, then backed out when Tubbs said OK to playing RB at AU.

    I like Saban, hell I think he's great. I think he missed out on this one. Time will tell.
  2. red55

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Brandon Jacobs is the prototype NFL defensive end. Saban knows this and is honest when recruiting a player. Saban also tells recruits that he will let them try the position that they want, but he will also try them at positions he thinks they are best suited for. Jacobs would have gotten a shot a RB if he had honored his committment to LSU.

    He is a flake who committed to three schools because he couldn't say no. There are probably other reasons besides his position that he went to the Barn. He committed there out of high school, too.

    Look at Spears this year if you want an example of Nick's style. Spears was recruited as a TE/DE. He wanted to play TE and was given a shot at both positions. Clearly he's better suited to DE, especially with the weight he's gained. Saban made the move to DE to benefit LSu and Spears. Saban quote: "NFL tight ends make 1 million dollars a year, NFL defensive ends make 3 million."

    Jacobs has tremendous speed for his size and weight, but players his size (and still growing) don't retain that kind of speed (4.4) very long out of high school. The Tube may turn him into an All SEC back. Nick could have turned him into an All-American defensive end.
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    Saban has far too many blue-chips left on his board to play games with this kid. Furthermore, he doesn't like to take too many chances on players with grade problems. If he ends up at Auburn, that confirms to me that he's a bad-character guy; the kind of player that Dinardo sank the program by recruiting...
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    If he is as good as abvertised we will only play against him one year. Remember Rudi Johnson? If Jacobs is eligible this fall, he will probably play this year and head to the NFL.

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