Buddy Songy is off his rocker

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by jwb0581, Jan 31, 2005.

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    If anyone heard Buddy Songy around 2pm today, he got into a heated exchange with some guy who was taking up for Bill Clay. Anyways if you missed it, it got pretty nasty and Buddy told him to "take your 62 year old Bill Clay and shove it" and the guy told Buddy told him to "go screw yourself". Buddy then said if anyone is dumb enough to want Bill Clay they shouldn't be on the show.

    Now I'm not all for Bill Clay and I think Campo is a huge upgrade over Clay, but I don't think Songy fully understands defense. He's always talking about how "read and react" and "bend but don't break" don't work in the SEC. In a general sense he is on the right track, but you can't just say the more a DC blitzes the better a coach he is. I mean Saban's blitzes worked because of hours of film study and refined technique by the CBs be able to cover SEC WRs with no safety help.
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    Jan 4, 2005
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    Isn't Clay our linebacker coach????
    Why bash one of our coaches like that?
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    I agree. I'm not sure what exactly Clay's role is at LSU, but if he's an LSU coach Songy stepped way over the line. He's gotta have more control than that.
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    I agree with Songy, the caller was an idiot, and if you heard the whole arguement it would be clear. Caller was trying to say how the B12 defenses are better than the SEC.

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