Bush is a bully who appeals to people who...

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    like to be dragged around by the nose. His speeches are not intended to inspire, but to instill fear and contempt. His goal is to make you dependent on him by exaggerating the danger of living. He sees himself as your gang leader, rather than your compatriot.

    To create a dependency dynamic between him and the electorate, Bush describes the nation as being in a perpetual state of crisis and then attempts to convince the electorate that it is powerless and that he is the only one with the strength to deal with it. He attempts to persuade people they must transfer power to him, thus crushing the power of the citizen, the Congress, the Democratic Party, even constitutional liberties, to concentrate all power in the imperial presidency and the Republican Party.

    Bush's political opponents are caught in a fantasy that they can win against him simply by proving the superiority of their ideas. However, people do not support Bush for the power of his ideas, but out of the despair and desperation in their hearts. Whenever people are in the grip of a desperate dependency, they won't respond to rational criticisms of the people they are dependent on.


    Excellent analysis. Read it:

    Bush - the language of fear

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