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  1. LSUGradin99

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    psssst.... camping... :thumb:
  2. TigerBait3

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    I would imagine some of the rivers in Arkansas have some nice places. I was supposed to go hunting there a few years ago but a random flood canceled our trip. But apparently their are some really beautiful areas. I mainly offer this one because I want to see if anyone has camped there.

    Or you could go to some barrier island which is fun too. Though, find one without oil rigs as the beeeeeep gets quite old. :thumb:
  3. lsutiga

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    What, you think Jackie Edgar made it selling tents??


    Sorry, "Camping" doesn't designate a method. You can "Camp" in a camper :eek: (Yes, imagine that), an RV, an actual camp, or a tent.

    The term for what you're looking to do is "Roughing it", "Going primitive", to share a couple. :wink:
  4. LSUGradin99

    LSUGradin99 I Bleedeth Purple 'N Gold

    To each his own I guess. If you're not in a tent, you're not camping. Besides, the thread was originally about tent camping. :)

    Anyway, just getting the ole thread going again. Going to plan a trip during Thanksgiving break.
  5. lsutiga

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    That's usually a good time of year to go in a tent. Chicot also has some highly prized "Trails" that tents are allowed on. Also some "Sites" that have electrity/water and a sandbox, of sorts (Not sure what they are called) to pitch a tent on. It's a beautiful place if you want to check it out:

    There's an arboretum too.

    A tent is THE most fun of all, imo, I'm just gettin too old. :wink:
  6. LSUfan71

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    Try camping on a towhead island on the Mississippi River, you'd have fun playin Tom Sawyer for a few days. There are 2 or 3 between Port Hickey and Tunica. There's a big one between New Roads and Cat Island.
  7. LSUfan71

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  8. locoguano

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    Anyone gone anywhere good lately?

    We were never tent campers when I was growing up... We stayed in cabins or on the fold down couch in a van. I plan to get out there and do some hiking soon. I've been walking around the neighborhood to get my legs back in order. Heading to Port Hudson next weekend to walk the full route with a pack as "practice". I doubt I will actually do any overnights until the Fall. The wife isn't very into it and my daughter is four years old so she can't make a longer hike, so most of my hiking will be solo.
  9. red55

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    I went camping in the Cascades last summer. Washington and Oregon. There is a National Park there, several huge National Forests, giant wilderness areas with only trail access and lots of campgrounds. Fine scenery, big volcanic mountains, few people.

    Port Hudson is a very short day hike. If you want to work up to full backpacking, try the Wild Azalea Trail in Kisatchie National Forest west of Alexandria. Good overnight hike through pine hills, hardwood bottoms and a small area of virgin, old-growth timber. The Red Dirt Wilderness Area in KIsatchie near Natchitoches is an area where you can just take off with a map and compass and camp anywhere you want.
  10. LSUDad

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    Camped here... Alex area....

    Little South....We camped here years ago....

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