Cap One Bowl Russell Shepard highlight video

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsudolemite, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I agree... no matter how slowly he is at grasping the playbook, they could have 5 plays that he can learn and leave it at that - that would be 5 more plays to be in than he played in today's game. Although it was High School, he did play QB very successfully, so he HAS to have the ability to learn 3-5 plays!
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    Not directed at you, JS, but just a question:

    IF CLM is such a moron, as many of you claim, why does he make fat bank while we plug along in our dreary little jobs and worry about the recession?

    He was smart enough to get the gig - none of us were.

    It's just something I've always wondered. :huh:
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    he isnt a moron, ( exxageration) just a middle of the pack coach. it doesnt take einstein to figure this out. And its not like a bad coach or employee has never been hired at any level. no matter what pay scale you are in there are always examples of incompetance. In every profesion.

    and how do you know what I worry about? I could be homeless typing this from the public library or I could be in a penthouse suite making as much or more than Miles. My job isnt little or dreary. the weather is though.... lol

    I see your point though. I just cant buy into it,
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    This is the BIGGEST bunch of Bullshiz I've seen this season. It's been like this all season.

    It's a TOTAL FAILURE by the coaches. Our offense has sucked all year and they have REFUSED to play RS for more than a few snaps when he's had the most success running the ball. He had our LONGEST rush in three years against Auburn!!!

    To me, it's an insult to Shepard because the bowl game is like a reward for players and they didn't even let him see the field. God knows we could have used him.

    In this instance, if I was Shepard I would say, "Les, Happy New Year, but Kiss My Black Azz!" But I'm not Shepard, I'm some pasty white loser on a message board saying what I would say if I was him. So I'm really pathetic.. They had a whole MONTH to prepare for this game and they didn't get him in there or work on anything at all??? He's the damn future, what are they doing in practice?????? He should apologize to Shepard. And I don't want to hear about he might be struggling with the playbook, bla bla freaking bla. That's just fans looking for an excuse to say Miles might be right for not playing him.

    And let me say, if this pathetic offense is that hard to learn, then maybe it's not the players, maybe it's the offense. Because this offense is apparently not working for those who know it well either. But I don't think that would occur to the coaches.

    I like Miles and everything, but he's wrong in this case. There is a reason our offense has been bad all year and it's not because they like to do what actually works.

    But anyway, Happy 2010 and the sun will come out tomorrow...
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    I got a really good laugh watching Florida pick Cincy's bones clean going to the 4th quarter and hearing the announcers say "That's the good thing about bowl games. It gives young players a chance to play."
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    Probably the best post of the 10,000,000 post bowl game posts. You done good on the video!.

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    After 24 hours to collect my thoughts about the Cap One game, I can conclude that our #4 RB was our starting RB for the game....
    The feild conditions were an embarrassment to all bowl games.....
    Chad Jones is my favorite Defensive player to watch....
    How RS never made it on the field is a mystery. Did he get in trouble? Is he in the dog house? I know he made the trip, there are pics in this website that show him arriving in Orlando....
    The earlier in the day the Tigers play, the worse we do....(We play better at night)....

    The Tigers are a real good team at full strenght, but we have not been at full strength all season!

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    And at least you had good food and good company for the game! lol
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    Freaking Mich St back just threw a pass for a touchdown against Texas Tech. Two plays before that one, their punter passed for a first down to keep the drive alive.

    I just don't get it...#1 Duel threat QB coming out of HS. We don't redshirt him but he doesn't attempt one freaking pass all year. WTF
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    Crowton is saving the pass for next year. It will really catch opponents off guard. :grin:

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