CFN's - Nation's best players 51 to 100

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    83. QB JaMarcus Russell, Jr. LSU
    The huge 6-6, 252-pound junior got knocked out of the SEC Championship game with a shoulder injury and missed the Peach Bowl, and now he's in a fight to keep his number one job. If he doesn't have the best arm in all of football, and that includes the NFL, he's in the top three. He showed last season the ability to come through in the clutch, but he tends to trust his arm too much and makes plenty of bad reads while forcing things too much. He's not going to run for any yards, but he can be a load in short-yardage plays.

    Me -> I think JR should be rated a higher than 83.

    70. QB John David Booty, Jr. USC
    Booty's career hasn't exactly gone as planned. He was supposed to get a long look as the starter as a true freshman after graduating a year early from high school, but some guy named Leinart went off and won the Heisman and then decided to stick around another year when he could've been the number one pick in the draft. Now Booty has a back injury to deal with. He has a big arm and he certainly knows the system, but he has to prove he can stay healthy and his decision making has to be spot on. He was making great progress before his back spasms struck knocking him out of spring ball.

    Me -> I don't get the logic. A proven starter is rated lower than some one who has never won a complete game on his own. Am I right?
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    The only spasm he had was on signing day apparently.

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